Same suburb, different street.

Straight off the plane from Sydney and onto the next house-sit.  This time I’m back in Papamoa, only this time I’ve the added delight of only an 8 minute walk to the beach.

Have been for a few walks around the blocks, as I do because I’m nosey, and the development is still in full swing here – sections sold, buildings being built and I’m only at the beginning of this area.  I have a notion that Papamoa is one of the fastest growing areas in N.Z. (could be wrong).


Ahhhhh, it’s good to be back on this side of the bridge.  It’s good to walk the beach and see the Mount and it just confirms my desire of making Mount Maunganui where I finally will settle … well for now – you know me, can change my mind – might end up living in Timbuktu – who knows what the West Wind will bring.



Now let me introduce you to a really corker cat.  This is Quinn.


She’s absolutely adorable.  One of those cats who rubs against your legs, wants to be around (when it’s convenient for her), and generally a pretty smoochie kitty.  However, she does have one slightly off putting habit.  When she’s over your patting or cuddling she’ll tell you by giving you a nip.  And you can’t really tell what her mood is because her tail is constantly in motion.  Even when she’s lying in the sun, her tail is twitching.


She’s taken to sleeping with me from about 5 a.m. onwards.  I know the image depicting this is dark and grainy, but, hey, what do you expect when it’s the wee hours of the morning and the sun isn’t up yet!!!

I’m in such a loving home filled with an warm feeling.  It’s a home that’s easy to keep tidy, perfect position to expressway and beach.  Quinn’s mum and dad are such lovely people and her dad has a wonderful hobby – growing bonsai trees.

Apparently he hasn’t been doing it for long, but wow, take a look at these – (and the photo doesn’t do them justice).


I’m here till early November, then have a big gap till the next one in late December – Know anyone going away????  I come with references.