Brexist And What It Means

brexistThe Poms have done it …. they’ve left the European Union to stand alone.  What does this mean?

Don’t ask me – I have no idea at all what is going to happen.  And, nobody does.

What I do think is that people in Britain, like people in USA are just a little fed up with the status quo.  There’s a bit of a hum here in N.Z. as well, can’t speak for Australia but I think the poorer European countries are also rattling the cage as in the case of Greece.  Unfortunately for Greece the masters whipped the bars and they shrank back – for now anyway.

There is a bit of a revolution going on in the West and it’s going to be fascinating to watch.

The old order is just too top heavy and I reckon the imploding process has now started.

Just my quick thought for the day.


  1. Well how interesting that you bring this up as I’m in Santorini in 1 of the Greek Islands at the mo. Most of the other visitors are from the UK and there was alot of mutterings yesterday when there referendum was announced that they were out of the EU and Cameron resignated his post. So people were for staying and some against. I personally think the UK will be better off on their own like Switzerland. I’ll be back in the UK in a few days so will see what’s happening etc
    Sarah messaged me (now in Amsterdam ) saying her UK pounds were devaluing fast.
    The Greeks would love to leave the EU too but the Germans own their banks and seam to hold them ransom.
    The world is surely a strange place atm.

    • feeoshea

      July 3, 2016 at 10:05 pm

      Yes, Anna, I agree – I think the UK will be better off in the future out of the EU. I am also very sorry for the Greeks, they tried so hard to leave but the thumbscrews went on they they just had to capitulate. It’s the smaller countries who are suffering the most. Look forward to seeing you back in NZ and catching up on world stuff!

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