We do hear a lot about organic food – but should we eat it?

Well, there seems to be two main reasons why people think organic food is right.

1 – the nutrition value and
2 – the lack of pesticides

So do organic foods actually have a greater nutrition value?

There have been lots of studies done over the years and whats really interesting is that it appears there’s not that much difference in the nutritious value of organic over regular.
But don’t think I’ve finished there. You see they actually did find that organic fruits and vegetables have much higher levels of phenolic phytonutrients which are thought to be behind the real health benefits of plant eating – organics have between 18 – 69% more of these gorgeous anti-oxidant compounds than standard produce.

But where does that leave us. Well, unfortunately there’s not been enough clinical trials and studies done to be able to categorically say that organic is much healthier, however, we do know that there is some increase in nutritional value,
and I hope I can explain this – because of the cost factor – it’s kind of negated – you see you can buy more standard produce meaning you’ll get that extra nutrition … equals …organics have no more nutrient value per dollar than regular…. you just have to eat a bit more of the regular and you’re on a par with the organic. …. Make sense?

So what about the sprayed fruits and veggies?

In 2006 there was a study done on children to see how much pesticide was flowing through them
The study put them on conventional food, then organic food, then back onto the conventional food – the results, without question, clearly showed that on the organic diet the amount of pesticides fell away entirely.

Another study done on adults showed a nearly 90% drop in exposure when the subjects went onto organic foods.

Now, no studies have been done yet to see if organic offers more of a protection against disease.
My opinion? I try and have organic soft skin foods and other types can be regular.
I’m not overly pedantic, but then I do try to eat in season, get to the Farmer’s market, and ask if it is spray free.