A wee while ago I re-connected with a young woman with cerebral palsy who I have known since she was a college student.  While sitting in a cafe over lunch I asked her why didn’t she write her story.  You see she has such a full life with many accomplishments and so much humour that I felt her story would be epic.

Her response was that she’d love to but physically she couldn’t.  Naturally my writer’s instinct and love for her stepped in and I suggested that … “you do the talking and I’ll do the typing”.

And so my ghostwriting began.

From there I have also provided my services for two others and  in entirely different ways.

One was a straight transcribe from mp3 on a USB stick …  putting together a readable version of the family history.

Another – A biography of a gentleman done by interviews and then written in my words.

The point is that I can be as involved in the writing of your story (fiction or non-fiction) as you want.


How do we start?

  • If you live in my area – Tauranga – Mount Maunganui, I am able to personally visit.
  • Outside of the area we can begin with a Skype call

The very first visit or Skype is just to see if we are a good fit, for me to discover what your needs are and how you would like to progress.

After that:

My charge is $NZ30.00 an hour.

In order for you to make any changes and just to keep up with the story, I deliver what I’ve written and invoice at the same time.

As for publishing, as I am a self-published author I know how to publish your book into a paperback version, which you can have for private use or in the public domain.

Please contact me if you wish to know more and we can connect: