flat white coffeeToday is “Exit Day”.  I’m off from the Papamoa Burbs and heading back to my digs for a week.

It’s been nice here … handy to Fashion Island, which I did visit a couple of times – handy to the motorway which meant easy access to work, the city, the Mount and anywhere else I fancied going.

What have I done here?  Written a bit more of my book and done some sketches.  Met the cool guys next door and spent a lovely evening on the wine with them.

And, apart from that and the odd outing, it’s been a fairly quiet 5 weeks, but then I didn’t expect much else.

I’ll leave you with the sketches:



Basket of Fruit – Self explanatory


Girl in Cafe – done in 40 minutes


Back Stage – An old quick sketch I’d done when I was in the theatre that needed a bit of work