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Is the Dairy Industry Running Scared?

The word “milk” is taking a bit of a beating and the dairy industry wants it only used for animal milk.

There is continuing debate over the use of this word which I find quite fascinating.  Now the dictionary does define milk as being:

an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted read more

Fee’s Magic Minute – Flipping Plants

What on earth do I mean by ‘flipping

read more

Fee’s Magic Minute – Chicken

On this Magic Minute I’m giving you a tip if you are still eating chicken.

Chicken is one of the worst meats you can eat for a variety of reasons so on today’s Magic Minute I give you a bit of a heads up about one particular nasty it has and how you can help your body  if you still want to eat chicken.

Hope you got something out of this  … keep a watch read more

The Humble Little Nut

We really do sometimes take the humble little nut for granted when, in fact, it packs an almighty powerful punch.

Not only can we use the nut in different ways, but it is also a major contributor to our health.

So let’s start with the nutritional value of nuts.  Yes, it does depend a wee bit on the actual nut, but generally they are a source of:

  • protein (yes, nodding head, they are)
  • potassium,
  • calcium (see, you don’t need dairy – chop some nuts and sprinkle over dark green veg and you’re good to go!)
  • magnesium
  • anitoxidants
  • Vitamin E
  • fibre
  • selenium
  • iron

As I said – each type of nut offers different things.  read more

Fee’s Magic Minute – Frying Without Oil

Yes, it can be done … Frying without oil.

Today’s Magic Minute is ready for you to view:

It really is a lovely way of cooking.


Fee’s Magic Minute Introduction

This is the Introduction to a new video idea – Fee’s Magic Minute.

The idea is that I’m going to give you little snippets of tips, wisdom (will try) and anything I think might be of interest to you.

So here’s the first one which is really the introduction – also has a wee challenge in it.

Oh, and they will be approximate a minute – give or take read more

Is Being Vegan Expensive?

I had someone say to me the other day “Isn’t being vegan expensive?”

Surprisingly enough this is actually quite a common question.
The simple answer is “No”.

Let me explain a bit further.

The vegan’s protein ‘go to’ is usually either bean, peas or lentils and all these foods can be sourced at bulk buying outlets extremely cheaply. In fact, a pound (kilo) of read more

Here’s A Tip You Might Be Interested In

Plants are the pharmacy of our world.

Plants really are amazing things.  They can actually be your first choice pharmacy because they are all so healing in their properties.

One of the tricks, though, is to eat all the edible part of the plant.  For example: Have the apple skin as well as the flesh, or bake the potato instead of peeling read more

Some Comedy To Lighten The Mood

Nothing beats a bit of comedy to lighten the mood.

Every week on my Social Media (you’ll find links somewhere on this page), I post up a “funny”.  Usually on a Friday, but lately I’ve been putting up one on Mondays as well.  It’s been ages since I shared.

So here’s the next batch for you to enjoy ….

Click read more

How Can We Be Healthy?

In order to be healthy in today’s society, we must first choose it.

Then we have to put in a bit of conscious effort and dedication until the healthy way becomes ‘normal’ … doesn’t really take that long!

It really is quite ironic that the Standard American Diet spells out S.A.D. … sad.  And sad it certainly is because its unhealthy diet is read more

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