Giving Talks and Interviews

I am available to come and speak to your group and cover topics such as:

  • Defining Vegan = The history of vegetarianism and veganism.
  • Dairy Free Living = Many believe that they must have dairy … I explain why you shouldn’t and the alternative.
  • Why Go Vegan = Covering the issues of the animal farming and well as the environmental impact the meat/dairy industries have on our planet.
  • What is Whole Food Plant Based eating …. keeping it healthy.
  • Or a specific topic you would like me to cover.

Length of talk time is subject to what you are wanting.

The amount charged is determined by different factors, please contact me for a quote.
(There is no charge for Non-profit organizations although I will appreciate any contribution to my travel costs).

Interviews:  I am happy to be interviewed for your Podcast, Radio or YouTube channel.  Just contact me with details.



I recently was a guest on the Mind, Body and Soul Healing Summit 2017 – full interview:


Safe and Sound is an animal rights radio station and podcast beaming out from the Waikato, New Zealand.  Please go “like” their FaceBook page as they have the links there to amazing interviews!

You can listen to the full Podcast here which is really interesting as the broadcast happened just after the furor surrounding the abuse, yet again, within the dairy industry in N.Z. :  SAFE AND SOUND PODCAST

Or: Here is just my interview from the broadcast. (poorer sound quality)

My thanks to Sandra and Lynley for this opportunity – Safe and Sound FaceBook


In September 2016 I spoke at the Vegan Vibes festival in Tauranga, New Zealand.  The topic was “Defining Vegan” which was a little difficult as I was going to be talking to a room full of vegans and one would think that they would already know what a vegan was.

As it turned out there were vegetarians and even some omnivores in the audience.  Now I thought it very brave of the omnis for coming along to something that had the word ‘Vegan’ in the title and I applauded them.

Here are the highlights of that talk, which actually went down rather well.