My time with Ginge is about 1/2 way through, so thought I’d give you the low-down on how he’s been.

More to the point – what I’ve been up to aside from when I’m at work.

cd_57049c8c0f199Like Millie before him (About Millie), Ginge took a liking to my suitcase.  A-ha! learned from the last cat, suitcase lid is down.  Didn’t stop Ginge though and practically every day I found him curled up on top of it.  Perhaps a psychological reflex on his part that “if I get on top, she won’t be able to use it and won’t leave me” ?????

And, if you’re wondering what the sticker on the suitcase says …. “I’m touring around spending my children’s inheritance” one of a few sassy stickers that I have on my bag.

I came home one day to find Ginge on my bed.  Now I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be there or not, but hey I wasn’t going to argue with him.

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So on the bed he stayed and when he did get off his fur stayed behind!cd_57049f889e555



I will say this for him – he’s a good watchdog and growls at anything odd that comes onto the section.  Quite often find him guarding the front door.  Hahaha – more like asleep at the front door.



One last update for you.  I’ve traded in the bike for walking shoes.  Didn’t use the bike very much this summer and now that I’m moving around – well, I don’t do hills anyway and as you can see by the feature photo at the top, this place is pretty hilly.  Plus, it would mean leaving it outside in some places.  Oh who am I kidding – it was time, o,k?  I’ll think about getting another one when I’m settled in my apartment, yup, that’s still the goal!

But, I have to be careful, oh yes, I sure do – this “walking” lark and “hula hooping” business just might make me a bit fitter.
And woe betide if that happens as I would then have to concede my sedentary lifestyle to the annals of history and accept a new me.

Wait a minute – isn’t that what I’m attempting this year?  A new me?

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And my parting shot for this post?  Cooking last night and I can categorically say that the fire alarm works!!!! Oh why, oh why, did I not turn on the extractor fan???  It took me     F.O.R.E.V.E.R.   to shut the thing up.