What Are The Calcium Rich Foods?

You know, you can find anything you want on the internet – things like meat is good, meat is bad – dairy is good, dairy is bad… it all depends on which way you view things you can always find the answer that suits you.
However, there are some facts that do stand alone, that can’t be changed or swayed or turned into just another opinion and calcium and where to get it is one of those.
Being vegetarian I do have some dairy products and also eggs (I have a friend who has the cutest chickens and supplies me with gorgeous, free range, organic eggs – lucky huh?).  However, in saying that, I don’t actually eat a lot of dairy or eggs and, of course, vegans don’t eat it at all – so just what are the calcium rich foods?
I have below a table that ranks the quality sources of calcium – taken from the World’s Healthiest Foods.  If you scroll through you will see that there are so many other sources besides dairy and that, in fact, you really could go without dairy all together (don’t let the dairy industry know that I’ve told you).
For more information on what foods to eat trot on over to my Vegetarian Food Pyramid page.

Note: World’s Healthiest Foods is a good source of information, however, it is not a vegetarian/vegan site.


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  3. i love finding vegetarian friendly information x)very helpful, mayne

  4. Foods rich in calcium

    May 4, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information! Calcium is an essential element which is required by our body. According to the survey calcium is vital in building strong muscle and bones. We should include all these calcium rich foods in our diet.

  5. great info thanks for sharing!

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