Recently there was a post going round FaceBook about the killing of the dolphins in the Taiji cove.  This is a barbaric practice and certainly one that the world should be outraged about and help bring an end to it.

However, I can’t help thinking of the animals who every day are treated barbarically for a much longer period of time and are then slaughtered just like the dolphins.
I’m talking about animals raised for food for humans.

Pigs, Chickens, Beef, Dairy.  These farmed animals have no chance what-so-ever.  Now I’m not saying that the Dolphins in Taiji cove have any chance either, they don’t – what I am trying to say is that there are an awful lot of people who are totally disgusted, outraged and saddened by what happens to beautiful dolphins, yet these same people will sit down to a steak or bacon and eggs or cheese on toast and think nothing of the animal that has suffered and died for that piece of food.

Just recently the N.Z. Dairy industry came under fire for a video that surfaced of calves being bashed to death on one of their farms in Chile …. what else came out was that, in N.Z., it is acceptable to kill calves, as young as 4 days old, with blunt instruments.  According to the N.Z. Federated Farmers, this practice should only be done in extreme emergency to put a calf out of misery e.g. broken leg or in pain ….. which begs the question – how does the calf get the broken leg or is in pain in the first place if not being mis-treated?  To make matters worse for the dairy industry, other farmers acknowledged that this practice was really not so uncommon as a way of getting rid of unwanted male calves who have no value at all to the dairy farmer.  source
Don’t get me started on the sick, abusive treatment these bobby calves endure in their extremely short lives.  For more information on the perils of being a bobby calf: source
Wake up people, you can make a difference, you can help stop the suffering …. maybe not for the dolphins, but certainly for the animals in your own back yard.  Make a start by cutting out meat and reducing your dairy a couple of days a week, it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

Have Happy Animal Friends