A massive exercise ensued on Friday

as I packed up from Lily’s home and got myself to the airport – a three hour drive – in time to catch my flight to Sydney.

You know that saying “The best laid plans ….”??  Well it sure applied on Friday.  The aim was to be away from Lily’s by 10 a.m.  Hah! not a chance, especially as I didn’t get out of bed when I planned to and then, to make matters worse, I mucked about on my computer clearing emails and checking Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc (as any good social media buff does)!!!

Then it was all a mad rush to get the last of the packing done, the cleaning finished and the car packed.

Fortunately, dropping off my house-sitting gear was on the way.  But I did have to “dump and run” which was not what I had intended.

Airport here I come.  Oh what a slow trip on the second half.  The closer I got to Auckland, the worse the weather became.  By the time I hit (oh, not literally), the motorway the rain was a steady ‘wipers on full’ mode.  Parts even were at a crawl as visibility was so bad.
And, due to the fact that I had “dumped and run” as mentioned above, I did have some time up my sleeve to weather the rotten rain.  Got to the airport bang on the dot of 2.30 and dropped Trev off with the nice man who took Trev away to be stored.

Got through departure gate without much hassle … did have to go into the little pod, stand on the yellow feet and put my arms up, then get swiped with the wand thingy, but all good – I may look random, but not that silly!

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-2-11-47-pmThe abysmal vegan choices at the airport very quickly became apparent, but decided that now would be a good time to start to lose a bit of weight! – Yeah right …. you’re talking to a foodie!
Posted the image on twitter – probably one of the most liked and shared tweets I’ve ever done.

I still love airports though.  When I’m at an airport I’m either going somewhere that I want to be or I’m coming home.  It’s not often I don’t enjoy coming home.  So airports for me are never stressful as long as I’ve got there in time.  Even when things don’t go according to “easey peasy” mode, I try not to get too upset.  Stuff happens, especially stuff out of my control – so I just try and roll with the punches.

For example.  On the journey home.  As I only had carry on bag and didn’t have to wait at baggage collection, I disembarked fully expecting to be through and meeting Trev’s driver by 3.30.  Nup. The Chaos Fairies were in full flight starting at the quick e-passport kiosks.  Put in the passport to get the message that the kiosk was not working and to try another one.  O.k., fine, I’ll wait till one is free – Oh, there’s one.  In the passport goes again, waiting, waiting – message reads – please proceed to immigration officer.  Maybe I’ll try another one just to make totally sure.  Yup, please proceed to immigration officer.
Now the line for the manual immigration checking had grown somewhat as people had collected their bags and there were several flights in at the same time.

No worries – get in line.

Always an up-side.  Got talking to the chap behind me who had come in from the U.K.  Turns out he is an entertainment promoter and here sorting out the last details for the upcoming tour of Michael McIntyre – wouldn’t mind going to that show.  Anyhoo, he had high praise indeed for the comedian who, of course, we only ever see on the telly.

Passport finally checked, off to breeze through customs.  Round the corner – duh! another long, long line.  Two officers on checking custom declaration forms …. thoroughly!!!!  Many having to go through bio-security.

Then my phone rings – Trev’s driver wondering where I was as by now it was after 4 p.m.

But got through I did and Trev was waiting.

A much better drive home in sunshine.  Picked up the house-sitting gear on the way and managed to be at my new digs with cat called Quinn just before 8 p.m.

Did I go to bed early?  You bet your sweet booty I did!!!

love to travelp.s. – Sydney airport didn’t have a great selection of vegan food either – went all over the place trying to find one banana …. the kind lady where I got my coffee felt sorry for me and gave me a strawberry.

Finally found a falafel wrap to take on board for my lunch – so Sydney was one up on the vegan fare over Auckland.