What Else I do

What Else I do

I have two other websites that are of importance to me.

The first is what I do for a living. White Rockit Media.  Not only can I create and publish your blog but I can also post relevant content across your social media and write your newsletter. I also teach you how to use social platforms to your advantage in the shortest possible time.

I was encouraged by my friends to start this business. Geez, I’m 70 next year – oh well, if Jane Fonda can keep working at 82, guess there’s still hope for me. 🤪

So if you need help with your blog, newsletter or social media, hit me up and we’ll talk. But first…. take a look at what I offer then schedule a FREE consultation.

The other website is a resource for people who are
plant-based, vegan or heading that way.

The idea is that it is a one-stop for all sorts of things.

The Gold Card Vegan, as it’s known, is a complete Resource/Tools section that gives recommended apps, podcasts, documentaries and books. Naturally, recipes are on the site also.

There’s also a bonus area filled with video interviews and more.

Please go on over and have a look and if there are any recommendations you can give me, I’ll love to hear them.

This is an active website and I post regular blogs, tips, recipes etc. There is also access to my monthly newsletter.


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About Me

About Me

Thanks for dropping by, my name is Fee O’Shea. I’m a mother and grandma, an author and an Improver. I’ve got a resource website to help peeps go plant-based, I’ve scribbled six books centred around veganism, and have helped others write and publish their own stories.
But this blog is for my thoughts, my rants, raves, reviews and things that have grabbed my attention. From politics to social media to beauty, health and the environment. Fee’s Ramblings Over Coffee is written to bring you a smile or get you thinking. Enjoy.



Don't be shy, please contact me if you have any questions or what you'd like me to write about.

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