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31-Day Daily Journal

This simple undated daily planner will help you schedule your top priorities as well as adding another ten to-dos, your appointments for the day, and a few notes.

It also includes a  water tracker and a gratitude area so you don’t forget those things you’re thankful for.

Clean layout makes it easy to see what’s important, and since it’s undated, you can start using it any time.

You can print it out, or write directly into the PDF.



Be Successful Crossword Puzzles

Give yourself a break from you work and enjoy doing a crossword. With words that have successful meanings you will puzzle over some.

This is a fun way to spend some ‘down’ time but with flexing your brain to keep yourself sharp.

Write directly in the PDF, or print out to have on hand at your desk. Enjoy!


30-Day Gratitude Journal

Science has shown that keeping a gratitude journal allows the brain to focus on the positive aspects of our lives. This in turn lowers stress meaning we have better physical health. Writing down the things that inspire feelings of gratefulness has been shown to improve psychological health by reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and other symptoms commonly associated with mental illnesses. 

So, grab your copy and see if it works for you.


21 Days to Calm Your Mind

When we are worried, it can be difficult to calm our minds. If you find yourself ruminating on your worries, journaling it out helps. One of the easiest ways to overcome fear and worry is to use the coping skill of distracting yourself. When you journal, you can distract yourself and change your thoughts. As you change your thoughts, you will ease into the space of peace and possibly forget what you were even worried about in the first place.

In this journal, you can write your way through 21 days of calming your mind.

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About Me

About Me

Thanks for dropping by, my name is Fee O’Shea. I’m a mother and grandma, an author and an Improver. I’ve got a resource website to help peeps go plant-based, I’ve scribbled six books centred around veganism, and have helped others write and publish their own stories.
But this blog is for my thoughts, my rants, raves, reviews and things that have grabbed my attention. From politics to social media to beauty, health and the environment. Fee’s Ramblings Over Coffee is written to bring you a smile or get you thinking. Enjoy.



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