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*The Rise of the Modern Vegan – 21st Century Veganism

It seems that more and more people are choosing plant-based foods over animal products. Why is there such a demand?

‘The Rise of the Modern Vegan – 21st Century Veganism’ is a fascinating look at what and why this movement is not going away anytime soon and explores the meaning of veganism in this modern age.


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Signed copy for Australia/NZ $NZ30 +p&p

Now Available on Kindle!

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*Eat Vegan For 7 Days – Using Whole Plant Foods

eat vegan

How can you go past this book? Even if you’re just kicking the idea around, this is a super way of testing the waters and discovering exactly what great, healthy food can really be like.

Filled with a menu plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the 7 days for both Winter and Summer, you’re covered. All the recipes and others as well.

But it’s more than just recipes. This book gives you so much information on things like protein and dairy and why a wholefood plant-based way of eating is the healthiest.

If you’re already vegan – this is a great book to get some new recipes or to give away.



Kindle version $US4.59
Paperback version $US13.99

*A Clean Eating Nutrition Guide – For Flexitarians, Vegetarians & Vegans.

This is not a run-of-the-mill nutrition book. For a start, I’m not a nutritionist and don’t claim to be. However, I have thoroughly researched things to do with nutrition, especially the animal protein side of food.

Many questions that are asked are about vegetarian or vegan sources of nutrients that are essential for good health. This book has it all. It also delves into where your food comes from and some history around foods such as white sugar and white rice. All in all, it is a slightly different way of looking at nutrition and a great book to have on hand.


read_more_infoKindle version $US3.00
Paperback version $US13.99


*What To Eat Instead of Meat – Finding Out About Plant-Based Food

This book I’ve written specifically for those who struggle with knowing what they can replace the meat with. It’s been designed to be as easy as possible, and this time I’ve included quite a number of recipes.

Not only that but there’s a 20-day Meal Plan for you to follow – or even just to get inspiration from. A number of recipes and a list of ingredients for your pantry have been included.

So, hopefully, it’s going to be an excellent book to get you onto the journey of eating way more plant-based meals and being confident that you’re doing it right.

Kindle: US$3.99
Paperback US $13.99




*Vegetarian To Vegan – Making The Switch

I’d love to have a dollar for every vegetarian who has said to me that they would love to be vegan. The problem is many just don’t know how they will ever be able to give up cheese or other types of dairy or eggs – or dairy and eggs.

These comments were the motivation to write this book. Hopefully, I’ve done it justice and have been a help for even those who just want to be totally animal-free a couple of days a week.


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Paperback version $US13.99



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Here are some of the reviews that I have received from Readers.

5 stars


It’s not just eating salads!
By Melany Lowen on August 8, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase


5 stars

A better place for all sentient beings

By Stephanie Atwood on June 9, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I read this book from cover to cover because it is a subject I am very interested in AND have given a lot of thought to. Fee O’Shea was thorough and, at the same time, fun to read. I loved the recipes. I loved the research. I do not agree with all of her conclusions or all of her convictions. At the same time I am very impressed with how complete and convincing she is with her writing. I LOVED the recipes and truly appreciate what she addressed as vegan issues. I look forward to more recipes, especially and want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts to make this planet a better place for all sentient beings!



By Flip’n’Chip on May 31, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Fee O’Shea…..WHAT AN AUTHOR!! I read this book mostly out of curiosity to see Fee would approach this subject. Of course she has written in her same warm and understanding style and her passion is evident from the first paragraph.

What I love about Fee’s writing is that fact that she never takes a ‘Holier than Thou’ approach, she doesn’t ‘tell you’ to become Vegan, she wants to help you on the journey to becoming Vegan. As she says, being Vegan is not a diet, it is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. She accepts that it can be difficult (after all, she has been in the readers shoes too!) and she shares her wealth of knowledge once more to help the reader through their personal ‘…yeah, but…’ moments.

Fee presents some very confronting information which is well researched and presented in the matter-of-fact style that I enjoy about Fee’s writing. As always Free presents an extremely strong ‘why’ case but what I love the most is that she presents the most important ‘HOW’ information and some FANTASTIC recipes!

* If you are vegetarian looking towards becoming Vegan…GET THIS BOOK…it has all the pointers you will ever possible need
* If you are vegetarian who hasn’t thought about becoming Vegan…GET THIS BOOK…I promise it will get you thinking
* If you are not yet Vegetarian, or still eat meat…GET THIS BOOK…Although Fee doesn’t recommend it, I say get this book and have a little read….it cant hurt can it, and you will never read a work by a more understanding or knowledgeable author.

Once again…THANKS FEE


5 starsAnother Winner

By Bobbi Rae on July 24, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Book 3 by Fee O’Shea, and once again she continues to amaze me. As I read this book I’m actually feeling as though she’s sitting in my living room having a conversation with me. In the book, Fee tells us that she has no certifications or special training in nutrition, well, I do have a certification in fitness and nutrition, and I can honestly say that this very talented lady has done her research well, and so much more.
She’s a natural teacher, writer and, I might add researcher. She is truly concerned for our health, the proper treatment of animals and a clean environment.
Although she expresses her own opinion, she does so without negating the feelings of others. I have actually learned more from her than I have from my own training.
This book is wonderfully written and one I will keep in my kitchen to use often for referencing. I am currently a flexitarian working on being a vegetarian, and it no longer seems scary or too hard to do.

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