All Things Come To An End

And house-sits are no exception.  A bit of a quicker post today.

cd_57db1a3872cb7Yesterday I moved out of the lovely home in Devonport road and went to stay with my fab friends overnight and, of course, their lovely dog, Scotty who I’ve have got to know over the years.

But before I left I went to visit the neighbour who has a great B&B in a really old home that has been lovingly restored.  Well a few modern bits and bobs e.g. kitchen!!!  It dates back to 1880 when it was built as a private home and the couple who own it now are only the 4th owners – not bad for an old shack.

Of course I wanted to take a look around, as you do, and I have to say what a place to stay if you’re coming to these parts and want to be in the city.  Pics below.
But, being two floors and on a different section the view was different to the one I had been enjoying in my lovely house-sit.  That’s where the featured image up there at the top came from.  Yup the day was not the best, but it still is a stunning view!

So, “where to next?” I hear you ask.  Yes, I’m off to another home oddly enough at the completely other end of the same road.  This time it’s looking after Lily while “mum” is away in the U.K.  A shorter stay, but still long enough to get used to the place.

More on Lily later.  Right now – enjoy some of the images from the historic home named Taiparoro.



















  1. That home is AMAZING! My idea of an “if I won lotto……” housr

    • feeoshea

      September 15, 2016 at 11:00 pm

      Oh it is, Lisa, it really is – the garden is to die for, the kitchen is modern but looks authentic and, it’s actually going to be on the market real soon…so bring on the lotto!!!!

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