A nice, easy house-sit this time with slightly different “pets” to look after.

Well, fingers are crossed that it will all be smooth sailing and there’ll be no hiccups.

I’m back in the burbs.  Different burbs this time.  These ones are older …. wiser? …. maybe, but I doubt it.  Burbs are burbs wherever located.  But these ones are “tree-lined” “established” “ even now possibly some of the homes could be “great potential for renovation” – now I’m being facetious, it’s not really like that.  Although some I passed on my walk last evening were questionable.

Lovely couple whose house it is.  I had a final meeting with them a couple of days before the move which had one incident worth telling you about.

It had been several weeks since I had been to this particular place.  Now I had written down the details, you know, name, address, phone etc.  So, rather than totally rely on my “getting older” memory, I decided to put the address into my Google maps so I could get the right street.  I had an idea the basic layout of where to go, just not the exact location of the street except that it was some-where off a particular road.

Not looking at the map properly, I just clicked the navigate and headed off.  For those who know Tauranga – my destination was Papamoa.
So over the causeway and onto the motorway – no problem.  I knew I had to take the first exist.

First mistake – listening to an interview on the radio – overshot the exit.  No problem, get off at the next one, up, over, down, back onto motorway and get ready to exit again.  GPS lady telling me to “go straight for 2 Kms”  – mistake #2 listening to her – overshot the exit again.  Crap.  Now she told me to take a left at the end round-about … and that was when it hit me that there was something not quite right about where GPS lady was taking me.
Now this motorway is nothing like the ones in Florida (nod to my friend, Bobbi ), heck, not even like the motorways in Auckland, as there is pretty much no traffic which makes this is a motorway so easy one tends to lose focus.  But it was third time lucky.

Again I was reminded that something was goofy with the GPS when I wanted to “take the first exit from the roundabout” and not the 2nd as I was being instructed to do.  So, once off the ramp I pulled over to check it out.
Yup, I’d put in the right street – “Close street” but it was taking me to Papamoa Beach road.  C’mon, Google, this is an old suburb – you should have maps.

papamoa beachIt was at this point I decided to pull up an actual street map, zoom in and see if I could find it.  I had an idea where it was and then suddenly there it was – Peachtree Close (street name changed for obvious reasons, but the “close” is correct)!   As soon as I saw it, I recognized the name.  Duh, all this time I hadn’t had the name recorded in my diary only the type of street!!!!
See, not used to the jargon of the burbs!

Give me an apartment above a cafe, in the village/city any day.

Which brings me to my apartment goal.  Yes, I’m still on track – still not quite at the first step yet, but should be there in about three weeks – had to delve into it for Trev, but all good.