I am now safely ensconced in the new house-sit with Miss Lily.

And the title of this post really says it all.  Beautiful white, long-haired cat – the stuff nightmares are made of for those of us who wear black.

So the black clothes (other than the work trou) are packed away, not giving me much to pick on a day to day basis.  But, she’s worth it.  What a corker cat.  She’s wonderfully nosey, not overly cuddly (good because of the white fur), a little talkative and easy to understand.

She has a couple of quirks – one being that her water bowl is in the bath.  Her mum did tell me that Lily herself wanted it in there simply by jumping in the tub and trying to get water.  Once mum put a bowl of water in there, Lily was happy.

2016-09-18-10-06-05The second – maybe not a “quirk” but quite delightful.  I hang my bag on the kitchen door and Lily has discovered it.  She rubs up against it, licks it and generally just hangs out by it.  When she first started doing it I must admit I was a bit puzzled.  Now I think I’ve got the answer.  I have a small bottle of peppermint essence in there – wonderful for headaches – and I believe Lily can smell it.  I’ve yet to have a headache, rub a dot on the temples and then get near her to test my theory.

She does demand her food especially at around 6.30 a.m. Then on the second morning it was waaaaay earlier when she started meowing and jumped on the bed.  I staggered out, thinking it was for food, but, instead, Lily led me to the bathroom and there I saw that she’d tipped her water bowl over.  I filled it up, went back to bed, Lily drank and went back to bed …. or where-ever she went and the house settled back down to more zzzzzzzzs

It’s either been raining or I’ve been out so haven’t really had the chance to explore the neighbourhood, but I do have some interesting neighbours so look out for that post when the sun shines and I can take camera with me.

I’ll leave you with a couple more photos of Lily when she went to “meet Olly”, (never fear, won’t be any more unless I can’t resist captioning one).

20160916_081725 20160916_081738