cd_56cfdb86e0286Oh Pill-ease, you have got to be kidding me!

McD’s are at it again with their attempt to disguise the fact that their food is just plain and simply unhealthy. Hell, even when they try to be healthy, they mess it up.

They are now jumping on the food fad of kale.  Don’t they know, kale is so last year as 2016 heralds foods from turmeric to seriously upgraded oatmeal and the real “new” is  Koji (koh-jee) which is just rice that’s been inoculated with the koji mold, (this is what’s used to make miso and soy sauce).

But before you dash out to your nearest golden arches, be warned because it transpires that the new salad, with all its trimmings, has more fat, more calories, and less protein than a Big Mac.

How can they get it so wrong?


Source: Bon Appétit and Takepart