Here we go…..the first house-sit of 2016.

I’ve just begun a week at a home in Pyes Pa.  Lovely new home with gorgeous ginger cat – three guess his name.  No?  Can’t think? O.k. I’ll tell you ….. Ginge.  But he’s one cool cat!  Like his owners too.  They were neighbours of mine back in the day when I was living at the Mount.  Yup, they sold and shifted around the same time as I moved out and went house-sitting.



They are so lovely to house-sit for and this will be the third time (I think).  Not only that but they gave a really great reference which has landed me another HS for 10 weeks over winter.  If you haven’t guessed, HS stands for house-sit, but who am I kidding, you’re such a bright reader I know you already figured that out… my apologies for doubting you.

As you can see, I don’t have the wonderful views from here, but, like I said, brand new home, all the mod-cons, and best part – a kitty to talk to and cuddle.  (when he lets me).

Oh, before I go, just thought I’d let you know that I’ve bought myself a decent hula hoop and am resurrecting the blue ribbon hoop winner child within me and getting some toning happening!


And it’s not easy to take a selfie when hooping!

Ciao for now