Oooooo – doing the “happy dance” … because my new toy arrived this morning!!!!

cd_56dfbef82d07eActually, the courier arrived at 7.30 a.m. – I mean to say, my day off and the bloody doorbell rings – who does that???  Oh yes, couriers!!!

But, even though I fell (literally) out of my bed, grabbed my dressing gown, nearly tripping on the belt as I staggeredly rushed to get to the door before the courier thought no-one was home.  Alright, so, “staggeredly” isn’t a word – but it’s the best way I can describe it.

“Sign here” on a machine that was upside down and me without my glasses – “where?”, but sign I did ‘cause there in all it’s glory was ……. the parcel!!!! – Well, more like a big box which I had to slide over the floor.
No time for celebration just yet, or opening it up – I had to get back to bed to see if I could finish off the damn good dream I was in the middle of.

When I finally got round to opening it up – it was heaven.
Let me back the truck up here a bit.  You see, dear reader, I have wanted to get a food processor that would, not only make my chickpea patties, but also blend my cashew nut cream to a smooth, creamy consistency.

Those who know me well, know that I have been asking “what type of food processor have you got?” and, I must admit, there was a short-list happening.   Yeah-nah – (kiwi slang for those foreign readers – you know who you are), I was still hesitating.

Then – I was at the food fest the other day (Read about it here), and the wonderful lady who made my smoothie told me to come and look at the machine after I kindly asked what it was really like.
Wow … commercial grade – complete system …brand, etc later ….. and as they were using it constantly day in, day out, she said it was awesome.
Full on technology with smart stuff buttons, like it does the work for you, and yes, it could crush the bejesus out of ice with one blade and yet still kneed by pasta dough with another.
More due diligence was called for.

A day on the internet showed me the cheapest price, then off to the store to really check it all out.  Decision made – online purchase on Sunday afternoon brought the courier knocking at my door on Tuesday morning.





Check out the blades on this thing!!!!!  Now that’s what I call heavy duty.  You may not be able to see them, but there’s three sections of blades going up the shaft.

Now I have everything in the one machine – Nutri-Ninja bullet (like Bobbi’s and Jo’s), Smoothie/Juice blitzer (like Caitlin and Amy) and Food processor (like …. mmmm – ME).

But wait, I can hear you whispering there – soooooo, what has she made.



I’ve used all three –

1.  my famous hummus with added caramelised onions in the processor  2.  Cashew nut and coconut curry sauce in the bullet

03  04










and 3. Using the smoothie thingy this was the very first thing I made.  Well, one has to get one’s priorities right

Pina Colada – was so anxious to sit and savour, forgot to take a photo until the end!!!  (Also see the feature image at the top)
Here’s the plug for Farmers where I bought my awesome Ninja System  and I see that the price has gone up – well done, me!

Before I go – as a little aside.  Was having coffee the other day and saw this stopped at the lights.  Look carefully in the box – do I hear an “awwww” ???