cd_5700c9e86c228The West Wind blew me back to Pyes Pa and Ginge.

Yes, I am trying to grab your attention with a ridiculous first sentence.  The West Wind didn’t blow me back – that was “Mary Poppins”, or was that the East Wind?  Or maybe it was the East wind blew around Juliette Binoche when she played the mysterious Vianne in the movie “Chocolat”.  Ha!  See, you now think that I’m really good at remembering characters in old movies – nah, good at putting questions to Mr Google.

Leaving the delightful Millie at Bayfair on Easter Monday, I drove off to Pyes Pa arriving late morning.  As I already knew this home, it was quite easy to unpack and get myself sorted.  However, Ginge was nowhere in sight.  In fact by late afternoon I was getting slightly concerned.

Now Ginge gets fed in the garage and the door to the garage is raised ever so slightly so he can come and go as he pleases. (Cat door currently not installed). Nothing for it. I had to go into the garage, get his container of food and begin going around the house and grounds shaking said container and calling. Nothing.  Zilch.  Not a pecky-boo from the lad.  Now I was getting worried. Unwanted thoughts came flooding into the old grey matter – you know the ones – the scenarios, the “what ifs” and the “bloody hells” …. do I – oh dam, what to do?  I sure didn’t like the idea of losing a beloved one on my watch.

Garage stuff

Hidden in the darkness

With the thoughts crowding into my mind and still shaking the container, I headed back into the garage.  The gods were watching over me….no sooner had I stepped inside the door when I heard his voice (and a meow that can only come from a large Ginger cat I might add).  Sort of a “what you want?” “what you wake me for?” …..  Now, I could hear him, but couldn’t see him.  Nothing to it, kept him “talking” so I could follow his voice.

I discovered him right at the back on a shelf about a 300 ml off the floor in a dark corner.  It took all of my decorum not to collapse onto my knees and kiss the ground he had walked on.  Of course not, that didn’t even enter my head – just a bit of literary claptrap to keep you entertained.  You are entertained, aren’t you?  If so, be a sport and add a comment once you’ve finished reading this …. scroll down, the comment box is down there.

Besides, comments tells me that someone is actually reading this stuff which is a real boost to my ego, and we all know that people who live alone need to have their egos boosted from time to time.

Will continue at a later date with more on Ginge.  I’m here for another couple of weeks.


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