My life without Ginge won’t be the same.

Well, of course it won’t – duh.  But have to admit here is another cat who stole my heart.  I left the burbs yesterday and returned to my digs to wait it out for 5 days before heading off into the sunset for another house-sitting stint.

So here’s what happened when I left.  Of course, Ginge knew that I was going, he’d known the night before when I had started to pack up.  That’s when he disappeared.  Oh, he did wind be up something bad.  I called and called, went outside in the dark and looked up and down the street …. nothing.

It was then I had a flashback to when my oldest was a toddler and went missing – the absolute dread of any parent.  We had the packhouse staff out looking all over the orchard.  Found him – under his bed asleep!

So, Ginge wasn’t flat on the road, wasn’t around the property that I could see, he must be in the house.  And it’s not the biggest house on the block, so not a lot of places to hide.  Found him – behind the T.V. asleep!

The morning dawned and I began the final push towards departure time.  House was clean, car was packed, check was done …. wait, better check again.  All boxes ticked except for Ginge.  As I came out the door I spotted him – I thought cats were discreet at where they pooped …. this is a fine example of Ginge and his attitude.  I’ll let the photos tell the rest.

ginge 1

“Oh, what? Thought that’s what the neighbour’s front lawn was for, besides, I’m ‘sitting discreetly'”

“Hey, wait !!! “

he was literally meowing as he was running across the road


“the sitting isn’t working…..I’ll circle her instead?

I did eventually get into my car, taking special care as I went down
the drive looking out for him.  I finally spotted him …….


“Well, bugger off then, I’ll nick over to the neighbour’s”


And here’s the aside ….. It’s not all peachy in the burbs!