Welcome, dear Reader, to another installment of “Where’s Fee” … no, I’m not putting “Wally”.

As I mentioned in the previous post – A Change of Scenery – I’m in Devonport Road.  What I failed to give you in that post was a couple of images of the beautiful outlook I now have.

Different to where my digs are, as it’s on the other side of the causeway so I now get the opposite view.

As the weather improves, I will try and take more photos.  Not that I’m the best photographer in the world, got friends who are waaaaaayyyyy better than me. Jo Bryant

If you’re wondering why I have put the featured image as being a simple Smoothie, well, let me tell you, folks, this is such a big step for me.  Yes, I’ve had an odd smoothie in my day, but, to be honest, never really got into them.


I went to stay with my friend, Caitlin – have mentioned that in the Change of Scenery post – well my fiend, Caitlin, is an amazing woman.  She has her own website … written a book … has a Sacred Soul Healing group that I’m finding really helpful.  I’m not too much into the Woo Woo, but this shit is good.  Anyhoo, this amazing lady also knows a thing or two about health.

She makes her own kombucha, look it up if you don’t know what it is, always jars of stuff on her bench fermenting away … even makes her own ointment.  So when she made me this smoothie full of healthy goodness, I was hooked.

Bought me some Nettle and steeped my own tea …. used that as the liquid part.  Not something I’d recommend drinking on its own tastes like grass clippings, but in the smoothie with the banana, mixed berries and pineapple it was yum.  In this brew I forgot to put in the tumeric and coconut oil – maybe next time.

So the healthy me has also started to meditate each morning, which I have to admit seems to be keeping me calm….er.

One never knows, one could actually get attached to this lifestyle.

Ending with one more “view”

devonport road