O.k.  Yes, I do start work at 9 a.m.  I know, Lucky Me!!!  I get an extra 1/2 hour in bed.  What it means is that I’m the last one to arrive at the office.


How could you not love that face!

But enough about my little perks.  It’s the Thursday before Easter and I arrived at work raincoat and beret on because it’s raining.  Let me say here, that me and umbrellas do not go together.  Even if there is no wind the umbrella just seems to turn inside out, or won’t go up or, alternatively, come down.  So my excellent Macintosh and beret is my rain wear.  On really rainy days, I do have to take my glasses off and put them in the pocket which doesn’t bode well for me crossing roads!!!!

Back to today.  So I get to the door and there to greet me is Floyd.  Floyd is one of the designer’s (Matt) best mate and it had been decided by he, (Matt, not Floyd), and his wife that it would be best for Floyd to come to work as there was a severe weather warning issued for the day and they didn’t want Floyd being on his own …. at this point I encourage you to say “Awe!”  You can do so under your breath if others are around, or out loud – your choice.

dogs 3Now Floyd is a Border Collie crossed with a Tramp going North and was on death row when he was rescued by Matt and his wife …. I should be hearing another “Awe!” – feel free to beef it up with a “bless them”.  Point is, Floyd is delightful.  Smart too.  He entertained us with “shaking hands”, “begging”, “rolling over”, “turning around” and his latest trick, “crawling”.

Of course my camera came out and pictures were taken in between the patting and mussing of his coat…it’s sooooo soft.  Naturally I had to post his photo up onto Facebook – why shouldn’t he get a bit of viral coverage?  As I was doing this I made the comment about which dog my “friends on Facebook” would think was the cutest – Floyd or Otto – both have now graced my page.

The challenge was taken up.  It was decided that Andrew would bring Otto (the Schnauzer), back after lunch.
Hey, it’s Easter – it’s raining (hard) – a bit of levity in the office would work wonders for the soul.Dogs

dogs 02OMG – what havoc was reaped after lunch when Otto arrived at the office.  Now Floyd had been happily ensconced and kinda figured the office belonged to him.

Otto, of course, has visited the office a few times and strutted in as if he owned the place.  Luckily the two dogs do know each other so the territorial stamping didn’t eventuate.  But, oh boy, the playing was definitely all on!  Their dads finally decided that the kids had played enough.  Otto was taken to his side of the dividing half wall and his lead was hooked up and Floyd was banned to his bed on the other side.
The look on their faces – priceless!

The rest of the afternoon carried on relatively quietly with the occasional lapse by Floyd who’d go round to see what Otto was doing, find him incapacitated but try and play until his dad, hearing the commotion, called him back.  Alternatively, Floyd would wander over to me ’cause he knew he’d get plenty of scratches.

dogs a

dogs ab






!@#@%^&#  BANNED!!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!








Get a gander at this I discovered on Floyd’s lead …. now that’s a classy way to carry poop bags!  For a muttly dog – he’s one cool kid.  Of course, Otto is a class act as well.


millieOne last thing – Millie has really warmed to me …. This is how you spend a wet

Easter Thursday evening – laxing out on the couch watching T.V. with a friend.