Meet The Locals In The Neighbourhood.

As you know I like to have a bit of a ferret round the neighbourhood where I’m house-sitting.

And this one is no exception.

You can imagine how I reacted when I went for a walk around the block, literally around the block, and discovered I was in the Dead Centre of this area.

Not just one cemetery, but THREE … go figure.  But then I discovered the three were specific for different religions.  The size of each told of the popularity of that particular denomination.

The Presbyterians came out on top.  Those press buttons, as we used to call them when I was a kid, sure had the biggest influence.


Next – the Methodists.  They came in quite a close second, so I’m picking there may have been a bit of rivalry going on.


And bringing up the rear the Church of The Latter Day Saints.  They did not do so well converting the locals.


Love the closeness to the living

Now, these local residents go back quite some time and, although there appears more room, I’m picking that the resting places are now closed for business.

So who actually tweaked my interest?

There was one that had me a little puzzled.


As you may find it a little difficult to read – let me explain.

There appears to be three bodies here:

Rachel is one and she is the wife , sorry, beloved wife, of William Darragh who died in 1910 ages 84 – so far so good,
But, and here’s where the plot thickens (or deepens), the next one is William (no surname) husband of the above (assume Rachel) died 1928 aged 103.

So the first William is not buried here (?), but the 2nd William, who we shall assume is husband #2, is buried here.
Then there’s the last body – James.  No idea what relation he is to any of the above but will assume he’s a son – died 1938 aged 74.  Just don’t know which William sired him.
Confused? – God I love cemeteries!

And what’s a decent neighbourhood without a Gated Community?


Maybe some of these people were quite the renegades of their time – you know, the black sheep, the misfit etc … but in death they must conform!


All graves face the same way – not one is different.

Thank goodness I’ve opted to be cremated … then I hope that whoever disperses my ashes just throws them up in the air and leaves it to me to find my final resting place and face the way I want.


p.s. – and if you enjoyed this bizarre take on the neighbourhood, please give it a thumbs up or a laughing face in those emojis below … I do try to entertain.


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  1. I can spend HOURS & HOURS in cemeteries.

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