The end has come.  I shifted out of the Bayfair house-sit Easter Monday and took up residence again with Ginge.

More of Ginge in another post.


This one is all about Millie.

What a delightful cat and so cuddly.  She had me wrapped around her cute little paw.

I guess the top photo doesn’t really need any explanation.  I had my suitcase on the floor in one of the bedrooms and Millie took to sleeping in it, as cat’s do.  Problem was, she also had a bit of a knack on dragging the odd piece of clothing around.  Managed to retrieve all but one sock – so there’s your answer to the disappearing sock!  It’s a “Millie” that takes it!

Yes, Millie ruled the roost – called the shots – bossed me around.




When I sat at the table to work on my computer, Millie was there walking all over me, keyboard and computer.







When I watched T.V. – there was Millie, up on my knee.  In saying that, she quite often didn’t sit still and was just as likely to suddenly jump off with no warning – give me a helluva fright.



But the best one was on Sunday morning when she jumped up onto the bed, walked up my body and then gave me “The Look” – you know that look.  That look that says “why are you still in bed? you should be up getting me food!”  I thwarted her and managed to get a Selfie !!! she was not too happy about that.


I must admit, it was hard to say goodbye to Millie – but, off to say Hi to Ginge.



Here’s my “aside” for this post.  On the way I dropped off some green waste at the recycling yard, just a small amount from my seed tray (grow micro-greens).  I couldn’t help taking a photo of the flower and thinking – even in shit there’s beauty if you know how to look for it.


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