Past The Half Way Mark

grindz cafeIt’s now week 6 of the 10 week stint I have in this home.  Have to admit the location is pretty spot on.  So it really is true – “location, location, location”.

Two blocks from Grindz (the fav cafe), three blocks from the start of the CBD, around the corner from the Saturday farmers market and to top everything off – three op shops (thrift stores) within a one block radius…what could be better?  Ha, I’m in my element.

Of course, it’s been winter so even though the above paragraph sounds ideal … it’s been either raining or just too cold to go out walking the streets too often.

And, speaking of winter, although this is a really, really lovely home, it doesn’t get much sun in the area where I work on my computer.  The view is awesome from the table window and quite distracting at times, but just on the wrong side of the house to catch some warming, winter sun.  Mind you, good excuse to get up, make a coffee and take a break in the courtyard and the sunshine.

Now this is not complaining, not at all, just a mere observation regarding the lack of sun.  In fact it did get me thinking.  “here we go again” I can hear you say “thinking…nothing good comes from her thinking too much”.  Well, I have been thinking and here’s what my suggestion is.  Anyone who is considering building a home should go house-sitting for awhile.

Why?  Because each place I’ve been to have wonderful things and not so wonderful things about them.  Take for example, a double sink, one big, one a bit smaller (the sort used for those compost thingies), but the tap is positioned incorrectly.  It fits over the small sink perfectly, but only just gets into the large one.

tapSo if rinsing out pots or larger dishes, it is a little more difficult with the tap over the large sink … the tap should have been moved over a just a tad to give more leeway in the bigger sink.
Then there’s the matter of a shower cubicle being big enough.  I mean, I know I’m only little, but if I struggle with not having enough space to step back a bit so I’m not being drowned from the water which comes from a fixed shower head, then I pity anyone who is bigger than me.

Enough of the downers, obviously there are good things and they come under the category – “now this is a brilliant idea”.  For example, a full house water filter, an automatic light in the pantry … that actually lights everything, not just one shelf – and the best one I’ve come across so far is an extra hot water tap that delivers boiling water.  Oh how easy was making the cup of tea with that!!!!! – no jug needed.

All the homes I’ve looked after have been really lovely, homey and with such a good feel to them all.  Do I have a favourite?  Not really.  Bit like the cats I look after … don’t have a favourite there either as each one has been different.

Winter is nearly over, the sun seems a bit warmer and today the sky is blue.  Life is delicious.
I’m now going to go get a cuppa, sit in the sun and do some more thinking.


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  1. Ok, what can I say that may be odd? Let’s see, ummm…no, that’s not odd enough, oh, well, maybe…. na, nothing to say other than I love your posts!

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