France has done it again, this time the supermarkets have been told to stop food waste.

It is now illegal for French supermarkets to throw out good food in a bid to stop the huge food waste that goes on.

It’s not the first time France has come up with environmental and social laws.

Last year the French govt came out with a law that all new buildings in commercial zones must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels. How amazing is that?

The beauty of green roofs is that they have an isolating effect, help to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the building in winter and cool it off in the summer.  Not only the good stuff like that but it also gives birds a place to nest!

Now the French Government have made a new law.  Supermarkets are not longer allowed to throw away good food.  The supermarkets must now donate their unsold food to charities.

See, grassroots campaigns can win, because that’s how this all started. French shoppers, anti-poverty campaigners and those opposed to food waste all came together to get this bill passed in their parliament.

Why doesn’t that happen here?  Are we too apathetic?  Do we just not care?  or is it a case of the majority of us are simply trying to get through each day making enough to pay the bills, buy food and trying to better our lives?

Of course, for France, the campaigners want to take this idea even further, past the supermarkets and into the restaurants, bakeries and even school and company canteens.

Poor little NZ – we’re way behind the 8 ball, gosh we can’t even ban the plastic bag and just get deeper into the mire and muck and further away from the clean and green.

Will anything change for us?  I certainly hope so, and quickly!