That’s right I had a right proud night last night.

My oldest son, Sam and his gypsy swing band played in Tauranga and it was awesome!

The band, Black Spider Stomp had a great day in my little city with very profitable busking at the Mount before setting up at Imbibe Bar and giving us a ripping great session of gypsy swing and jazz.

facebookThey had played in Auckland to a big crowd at Britomart then in a little jazz bar in Hamilton filled with young ones.  Tauranga didn’t really have the audience, but then that’s Tauranga for you, but those who were there enjoyed it immensely – I could tell, they actually listened, some danced and most clapped at the solos and all clapped and the end of each tune.

They’ll be in New Plymouth tomorrow night then back to Wellington.  Sure hope they come back – maybe Jazz Fest.

If you want to listen to their music – click here:  Black Spider Stomp and you’ll get through to their website … you can actually hear all the music from their three albums.

Oh, yeah, one very proud mumma!!!