I must admit that I do cringe a bit when I hear “farmers love their cows” from both dairy farmers and those who know farmers.

I was out the other day in my activist role and had a very lively discussion about dairy farming with a woman whose family were dairy farmers.  Most people in N.Z. either know or are dairy farmers and so consequently I hear this particular sentence an awful lot
Farmers love their cows“.

Of all the things I hear – all the excuses etc that are given to me, the one thing that really irritates is …  farmers love their cows or farmers love their pigs or goats or sheep or whatever.


Before you jump down my throat – hear me out (or read) …

I’m not doubting for one moment that most farmers look after their animals,  (I’ll use cows as the example).
They make sure the cow has enough feed – the right feed – they’re up all night during the calving season making sure the birth goes well, mind you they take the calf away within the first 24 hours, but that’s another issue.

We’re talking about the health of the cow – so they’ll call out the vet and I’ve heard some say – farmers will call the vet before they call the doctor – yes, of course they will.

THAT COW IS MONEY – it is a monetary unit –  so it makes perfect sense that the farmer will look after it.

BUT when that cow is no longer economically viable – the farmer trucks it off to be slaughtered.
When the beef cow reaches its maximum profitability it’s trucked off to be slaughtered for the meat market – and so it is for all the animals on the human food plate.

I understood where she was coming from however I did suggest she just didn’t say “he loves his cows” because
the farmer loves his children but I don’t see him trucking them off to be slaughtered when the going gets tough and the household budget is squeezed.

Have great plant food and
be compassionate to all animals including humans