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Do You Have To Eat Meat To Get Good Iron?

It’s a myth that many believe … that you have to have meat in order to get good amounts of iron.

Here in New Zealand, we have  Olympic athletes who advertise on our  T.V. for the meat industry, touting Beef and Lamb being rich in protein and iron.  Kind of saying – eat this and you’ll be an athlete like me.

Sadly I have some news that hopefully will dispel this crazy myth that meat iron is good for us.

Yes, we need iron.  In simply language we need it for healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen around our body.

Meat iron is called heme iron and it differs considerably from plant iron … and here’s why.

Iron is regulated by the intestines.  So when we don’t have enough, the intestines will increase the absorption of iron into the blood.  When we have too much iron, the reverse happens – the intestines decrease the iron.

But, here’s where it gets interesting.  You see, it does NOT work for heme iron.  The intestines can only regulate plant iron!!!!

Heme iron also is a pro-oxidant.  That means it can generate cancer-causing free radicals.  Quite honestly you don’t really want to have heme iron in your body at all, plus, how many meat eaters do you know who are really into their antioxidants?  Check out my post on Antioxidants

So if you are relying on meat for iron, or your doctor has told you that it is the best source, understand that because the intestines can’t regulate it …. too little will lead to anemia, but, too much (which the average meat eater has), you run the risk of cancer and heart disease.

iron in meat

BUT – I haven’t finished yet!!!!!  This next bit is really interesting.

I have it on very good authority that the meat industry is looking at ways to have additives that will

“suppress the toxic effects of heme iron”

This reminds me of the Tobacco Industry who knew back in the 1920s & 30s that cigarettes caused cancer, but nothing was done until 1969 when finally the public were made aware of the dangers.
So does this action from the meat industry sound familiar???

I leave you to ponder on that, and I’d love you to leave a comment.




Climate Change A Continuing Saga

I came across this statement today which got me thinking …. again …. about what we can do in regards to cleaning up the environment and help diminish climate change.

“Adopting a “meatless Monday” could have a greater impact on the environment than working from home and avoiding the commute for a week. “

This came from a study that the European Commission commissioned in 2012.

Of course this small dietary change really isn’t sufficient, there really has to be a really significant reduction in meat and dairy before we’ll see any real effect in climate change.

If only that would happen!  Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening any time soon because the human brain is wired to believe that it must eat meat.  What I have noticed is that the age old argument of “meat provides us with protein” and “dairy provides us with calcium” isn’t standing up as gospel anymore as people are becoming more educated and understand that those arguments are pure fallacy.

What seems to be happening now is that people are just saying “but I like meat” which, I have to admit, is at least honest!

So what should we do?

We should keep educating the masses and get the message out there that animal industry is so incredibly destructive to our planet and things have to change if we are going to have any chance at all in surviving as a species.

I’ve said it before …. so I’ll say it again – we need to cut back on the meat, not increase it. … Same goes for dairy!


Source for inspiration www.gojimannutrition.com

Why Vegans Get A Bad Name

I got a bit steamed up the other day when this pic appeared in my Facebook newsfeed.

The post said that this is what meat looked like a few days after slaughter.  There sure were a lot of comments posted and 95% of them were exactly what I was thinking.
Here’s the original photo:
As you know I’m vegan but I’m going to be the first to say:
If the meat were left out in the warm, then yes, it does start to rot, or if it is “hung” as in the case of wild game, then yes, it will start to rot.  But meat that is processed for human consumption, kept under refrigeration, butchered and packaged immediately does not rot as quickly as it has been made out to do.
This is going out to a world audience, the posting page, who is from the USA where perhaps the process from kill to package is not as quick and where nitrates and preservatives are used to give meat a much longer shelf-life is commonplace, should realize that not all countries use this method.
I am not condoning the meat industry one little bit, but the way I see it, images such as this give vegans a bad name.  Not one meat eater will be turned off meat by this type of image, as proven by the comments.  Meat eaters are masters at telling lies to themselves, coming up with insane excuses and are extremely defensive when confronted by this type.
Instead, we vegans and vegetarians should be leading by example, encouraging meat-eaters to watch documentaries such as Earthlings and promoting things like Meatless Mondays.
And as for the posting page?  Not only was the photo not the best one to post, but the replies to the non-believers of the image were not in good taste ….. hahaha, bit like the meat!!!



Thank Goodness I’m Vegetarian

As you’ve probably guessed, I do surf the net a bit and try and ferret out useful information for the FaceBook Page.

I came across this article the other day which I found very disturbing and got me thanking my lucky stars that I’m vegetarian.
Now, I’m not going to relate the article here – you just have to read it yourself …. it’s not long  Animal Death Toll Ends Cloning Trials   what I am going to do is add my penny’s worth.

For starters it took this research company 13 years …. 13 years (shake the head), to figure out that there were just too many deaths and other nasty things happening to the poor cattle, sheep & goats before they finally ended these trials …… Good god, are they thick?

But whoa … wait just one second – what do I read further down the page?  Trying out new technologies – and here I quote “the trials include creating animals that will produce proteins with pharmaceutical benefits” but wait …. there’s more “one goal was to produce a drug like Herceptin……”  Eh? Herceptin?  I thought that was for breast cancer – Are they planning on producing meat that will have a drug like Herceptin in it?????  What does that do to those who don’t have breast cancer …. or the guys?????
I’m sorry – this is all just too much – I can’t get my head around pharmaceutical meat ……. I’ll stick to being vegetarian, then I won’t have to worry!!!

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