Beautiful BurmaI have been in this home for exactly one week and four days … bit remiss of me not to let you all know.

So what’s it like?  Let me first introduce you to Puddy Girl (pronunciation as in pudding).  Puddy Girl is a Burma.  Puddy Girl is very little.  Puddy Girl is very fluffy.  Puddy Girl is very old.  Puddy Girl rules the house.  O.k. enough of the “See Spot Run” type of writing, I know you’re a well educated and intelligent reader.

cd_575a34a90318bShe was fine the first day, then, once she realised that mum was not home, she got a bit huffy.  Of course, not when the food was about….oh no, that’s when she really cozied up.  But once the tummy was full, she would just give me the evil stare and be very stand-offish until it was time to eat again.

This little kitty has her own cat door, which she is perfectly capable of using.  However, it seemed to tickle her sense of power to go and sit by the sliding door, start meowing and turn and stare at me.  Softy that I am when it comes to cats, I’d jump to attention and go open the door.  With that she’d saunter out about three steps (well, let’s say four to cover all of her paws), stop, sit for few seconds with her tail across the slide rail, then get up and come back inside.

cd_575a328f436feJust over a week later and at night there was a break through.  She jumped up on my knee, settled down and went to sleep while I watched TV.  Score one for the cat sitter!

So I’m back in the Pyes Pa area of Tauranga city.  It is the older part, rather than the newer sub-division of the last home in the same suburb.  The streets are tree-lined, the property has a well established garden, wonderful herbs, even veggies that I’m able to harvest along with a very old apple tree.  I think I may have to make an apple crumble one night!!!!  I’ve discovered an awesome ice-cream made from coconut milk rather than dairy.  It’s called Little Island  and it’s the best dairy alternative yet.  As you can see, there’s a nice selection

And speaking of all things yum.  Our own N.Z. company, Whittakers, has brought out the most delish chocolate ever!!!!!  This is the Doris Plum and Almond one that Nigella has been advertising on TV – and, I’ll admit, she’s spot on with how yum it is.  Good on Whittakers AND… it’s vegan!  cd_575a37a024037

Only one other change to report.  I’ve picked up the reins as co-ordinator for SAFE again, only this time I have a lovely lady sharing the role.  This is making it a whole lot easier and already we’re booked to have a stall at one of the Saturday markets.

As we all know, it’s now winter.  Damn!

Oh, and Puddy Girl has decided not to set the china dog onto me after all … we’re quite good friends now.