This the first house-sit with the gorgeous Millie.


Likes walking over computer.

It’s for 10 days and already I’m wishing it was for longer….I arrived yesterday afternoon (Saturday).
This is the most delightful home and Millie made herself all smoochy to me pretty much from the moment I stepped inside.

The position of this abode is fairly close to where I used to live at the Mount, so only a short walk to Bayfair – (not that a Mall is inspiring at all) – easy access to the causeway to get me to work on time and I’m back at the Mount where, I must be honest now, is where my heart is.

In saying all that – each home I’ve previously sat, and those that are coming up, all have a beautiful vibe to them …. This has been ascertained as I have interviewed each one rigorously.

The first thing I did, after unpacking the car, was to go over the “instructions” again, (I’d already gone through them when I’d picked up the key).  All good – understood everything.  And, the wonderful sense of humour shone through …. here I present a snippet:

Our courtyard pot plants are Alice, Graham, Neville, Dennise, Gordon, Margaret, please don’t move them as they will get disorientated and wander around all night looking for their spot.  Kept us awake all night once.  They appreciate water if it is very hot – same with the back crew.

There was also a bit on Ants:

We have the largest ants in the world living under our courtyard pavers. Sometimes you will see a paver move – don’t be alarmed just give them a squirt with that spray under the fire place – seriously tho they will bite, you will understand lying naked in our courtyard is not recommended … also, think of our neighbours.

So, with a chuckle I turned the page to get the wifi password.  All good, password there – opened up the wifi on my phone, put in password … didn’t work. Mmmm.  Decided to do it on the computer.

There were probably about four locked networks to choose from, none had an obvious name.  So with my super power of deduction I went through the list.  None connected ????? Hmmmmmmm.  Next thought was to look at the router and grabbed the pRouterassword on the back.  Aha, take camera and take photo.

Voila!  Password worked first time.  I had another look at the instructions.  Cute typo – missing a zero.  I’m not sure if that was deliberate to test of my ingenuity or a missed tap on the keyboard – either way, I was pretty proud of the fact that there was no bad language to be heard – besides, don’t know what Millie’s sensitive ears are used to, so best curb the naughty words.


Of course it’s rained since I got here which means that I haven’t been able to get out for a walk, nor make use of the delightful courtyard and play with the ants.


Millie isn’t the only occupant of this home that’s been entrusted to me, there are several kids out in the courtyard. Oh yes, the livestock here is plentiful.
Feast your eyes on these little beauties!!!!!


Not only do I have the company of awesome creatures, but there are herbs aplenty.  The owners of this establishment are not only delightful in their humour and friendliness, but generous as well …. “help yourself to the herbs”.  Oh my, already on the first day I’ve whizzed up a mint and tahini dressing – lord only knows what I will do with the fresh Rosemary and then there’s the basil … I feel a pesto coming on!!!!!


Mr Basil


Miss Rosemary


Mmmm, sauce !

Yes, of course I brought my machine – as if I wouldn’t !!!!