Vegan Vibes Festival In All It’s Glory

When a group of compassionate, beautiful, gentle people get together, the Gods smile favourably.

We’ve had the most dreadful weather for days and days – rain, rain and more of that stuff, rain!  The organizers of the Vegan Vibes festival held off till the last moment to make the decision whether to go with Plan B = Undercover.  Of course, Undercover was not going to suit a lot of the food trucks at all.

But the moment of truth came and the decision was made to stay put … to go ahead with the open venue as it looked like there was to be a small window of respite.

What a grand decision.  O.k. so the sun didn’t shine much, but did peep out on the odd occasion.  Only once was there a small amount of rain for about 15 minutes mid afternoon.  But the rest of the time …. Sweet! The Gods smiled.

I was wearing two hats that day – One for SAFE NZ and the other for The Vegan Society of N.Z.  This made for good fun as I was able to go back and forth from one stall to the other.

All the talks were well attended

All the talks were well attended

Then there was the speech to deliver.  Yes, I’ve spoken before, but it doesn’t make any difference as each time is different and I still am anxious that I will get a good reception.  Luckily I had nothing to worry about, the seats were all taken, there was a mixture of vegans, vegetarians and omnivores and they all seemed to pay attention.  Oh, and I did get an applause at the end, so must have done something right.

The speech was recorded, so when I get a copy … I’ll post it here so you can bore yourself silly listening to it if you like.

I even managed to sell some of my books – always a bonus – and still can’t get my head around the fact that people wanted me to sign their copy.

Unfortunately my anxiety was such that I didn’t really feel like eating and there I was surrounded by vegan food.  I could have had anything that was edible on that site.  I did manage a savoury scone with vegan butter.  Funnily enough I’d been with friends in a cafe the morning before and one had ordered a cheese scone with butter …. the smell took me right back to my childhood kitchen and mum serving the very same thing.  It was then I realized just how long it had been since I’d had a scone … possibly 30 years.  Well, that vegan scone, with “butter” melting was AWESOME!

The guest speaker from U.S.A. Kristin from Will Travel For Vegan Food, was on after me and she had the crowd enthralled.  I was lucky enough to talk to her privately – wow, what an adventure she is having.  What started off as a couple of years in a small van around the U.S.A. with the intention of trying every vegan restaurant, has turned out to now be going around the world.

I’ll leave you with some more images.  Remember, I’m not the best photographer in the world and it wasn’t as if it was all sunny.  By the way, the photos don’t really show it – but there was a brilliant crowd all day.

vegan vibes festival

Not a good example of the crowds!

vegan vibes festival

vegan vibes festival

SAFE Stall

vegan vibes festival

SAFE Stall

vegan vibes festival

Coffee Time

vegan vibes festival

It wasn’t ALL food.

Vegan vibes festival

A better look at the crowd and the SUN!!

vegan vibes festival

Absolutely amazing band

And in case you don’t know – this was held in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand.  Speaking to one of the organizers – they were that thrilled with the turnout, it’s going to be an annual event …. Bring it on!!!


p.s. – Sunday and guess what ….. it’s raining!!!!


  1. You go girl, I knew you’re talk would go well…
    I’m so happy the day went well for all in-spite of the weather.

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