Day: 30 November 2011

What to do About Global Hunger

What to do About Global Hunger

Reading a short blog this morning about global hunger and the fact that the less meat we eat the more people we can feed got me thinking.

I’ve always been a big believer in going to the top. Let’s face it when you need to get results it’s always sometimes quicker and easier just to go to the top man rather than working your way through the chain of command.

It’s like that for food so:

  • Why not cut out the middle man?
  • Why go through the food chain for nutrition?
  • Why not go directly to the source?

Are you with me here? Let me explain. The grain that grows has all the nutrients needed – the meat industry feeds that grain to the animals then, in turn, feeds it to the humans….so, cut out the meat and get to the primary source (the grain) and get the pure nutrients.

Extrapolate this out. Not only do you need land to grow the grain, but you need it also to farm the animals. Cut out the “middle man” i.e. the farmed animals and you have more land to grow crops = more food to feed the hungry.

It’s really quite simple math……but here’s the rub – money.

The meat industry, unfortunately, just doesn’t see it that way – it would appear that personal gain comes way above the gains of the planet. So it’s up to us. By choosing to have one (or preferable more) meat-free day a week you will make a difference. Try to make it a completely animal-free day (vegan) like no dairy products or eggs and you will make that one small step towards doing something about world hunger.






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