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The Burbs

The Burbs

My time with Ginge is about 1/2 way through, so thought I’d give you the low-down on how he’s been.

More to the point – what I’ve been up to aside from when I’m at work.

cd_57049c8c0f199Like Millie before him (About Millie), Ginge took a liking to my suitcase.  A-ha! learned from the last cat, suitcase lid is down. Didn’t stop Ginge though and practically every day I found him curled up on top of it.  Perhaps a psychological reflex on his part that “if I get on top, she won’t be able to use it and won’t leave me” ?????

And, if you’re wondering what the sticker on the suitcase says …. “I’m touring around spending my children’s inheritance” one of a few sassy stickers that I have on my bag.

I came home one day to find Ginge on my bed.  Now I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be there or not, but hey I wasn’t going to argue with him.

cd_57049db3550c2 cd_57049ed3a5c69

So on the bed he stayed and when he did get off his fur stayed behind!

I will say this for him – he’s a good watchdog and growls at anything odd that comes onto the section. Quite often find him guarding the front door.  Hahaha – more like asleep at the front door.cd_57049f889e555

One last update for you.  I’ve traded in the bike for walking shoes. Didn’t use the bike very much this summer and now that I’m moving around – well, I don’t do hills anyway and as you can see by the feature photo at the top, this place is pretty hilly. Plus, it would mean leaving it outside in some places. Oh who am I kidding – it was time, o,k?
I’ll think about getting another one when I’m settled in my apartment, yup, that’s still the goal!

But, I have to be careful, oh yes, I sure do – this “walking” lark and “hula hooping” business just might make me a bit fitter. And woe betides if that happens as I would then have to concede my sedentary lifestyle to the annals of history and accept a new me.

Wait a minute – isn’t that what I’m attempting this year?  A new me?

cd_5704a14181336 cd_5704a0cd5f823

And my parting shot for this post?  Cooking last night and I can categorically say that the fire alarm works!!!! Oh why, oh why, did I not turn on the extractor fan???  It took me   F.O.R.E.V.E.R.   to shut the thing up.






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I Have Returned!

I Have Returned!

The West Wind blew me back to Pyes Pa and Ginge.


Yes, I am trying to grab your attention with a ridiculous first sentence.  The West Wind didn’t blow me back – that was “Mary Poppins”, or was that the East Wind? Or maybe it was the East wind blew around Juliette Binoche when she played the mysterious Vianne in the movie “Chocolat”.  Ha! See, you now think that I’m really good at remembering characters in old movies. Nah, just good at putting questions to Mr Google.

Leaving the delightful Millie at Bayfair on Easter Monday, I drove off to Pyes Pa arriving late morning. As I already knew this home, it was quite easy to unpack and get myself sorted. However, Ginge was nowhere in sight. In fact, by late afternoon I was getting slightly concerned.

Now Ginge gets fed in the garage and the door to the garage is raised ever so slightly so he can come and go as he pleases. (Cat door currently not installed). Nothing for it. I had to go into the garage, get his container of food and begin going around the house and grounds shaking said container and calling. Nothing. Zilch. Not a pecky-boo from the lad. Around this time I was getting worried. Unwanted thoughts came flooding into the old grey matter – you know the ones – the scenarios, the “what ifs” and the “bloody hells” …. do I – oh dam, what to do? I sure didn’t like the idea of losing a beloved one on my watch.

Garage stuff
Hidden in the darkness

With the thoughts crowding into my mind and still shaking the container, I headed back into the garage. The gods were watching over me….no sooner had I stepped inside the door when I heard his voice (and a meow that can only come from a large Ginger cat I might add). Sort of a “what you want?” “what you wake me for?” …..  I could hear him, but couldn’t see him. Nothing to it, kept him “talking” so I could follow his voice.

I discovered him right at the back on a shelf about 300 ml off the floor in a dark corner. It took all of my decorum not to collapse onto my knees and kiss the ground he had walked on. Of course not, that didn’t even enter my head – just a bit of literary claptrap to keep you entertained. You are entertained, aren’t you? If so, be a sport and add a comment once you’ve finished reading this …. scroll down, the comment box is down there.

Besides, comments tell me that someone is actually reading this stuff which is a real boost to my ego, and we all know that people who live alone need to have their egos boosted from time to time.

Will continue at a later date with more on Ginge.  I’m here for another couple of weeks.

…. another little scroll will get you to the comments …  just down therered_down_arrow_97






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Millie and I Say Goodbye

Millie and I Say Goodbye

The end has come. I shifted out of the Bayfair house-sit Easter Monday and took up residence again with Ginge.

More of Ginge in another post.


This one is all about Millie.

What a delightful cat and so cuddly. She had me wrapped around her cute little paw.

I guess the photo in the featured image doesn’t really need any explanation. I had my suitcase on the floor in one of the bedrooms and Millie took to sleeping in it, as cat’s do. Problem was, she also had a bit of a knack on dragging the odd piece of clothing around. Managed to retrieve all but one sock – so there’s your answer to the disappearing sock!  It’s a “Millie” that takes it!

Yes, Millie ruled the roost – called the shots – bossed me around.

When I sat at the table to work on my computer, Millie was there walking all over me, keyboard and computer.


When I watched T.V. – there was Millie, up on my knee.  In saying that, she quite often didn’t sit still and was just as likely to suddenly jump off with no warning – give me a helluva fright.


But the best one was on Sunday morning when she jumped up onto the bed, walked up my body and then gave me “The Look” – you know that look. That look that says “why are you still in bed? you should be up getting me food!”  I thwarted her and managed to get a Selfie !!! she was not too happy about that.


I must admit, it was hard to say goodbye to Millie – but, off to say Hi to Ginge.



Here’s my “aside” for this post.  On the way I dropped off some green waste at the recycling yard, just a small amount from my seed tray (grow micro-greens).  I couldn’t help taking a photo of the flower and thinking – even in shit there’s beauty if you know how to look for it.


Feel free to comment …. go-on, you know you want to 🙂






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Mayhem And Madness – All In A Day’s Work

Mayhem And Madness – All In A Day’s Work

Okay, Yes, I do start work at 9 a.m. I know, Lucky Me!!! I get an extra 1/2 hour in bed. What it means is that I’m the last one to arrive at the office.

How could you not love that face!

But enough about my little perks. It’s the Thursday before Easter and I arrived at work raincoat and beret on because it’s raining. Let me say here, that umbrellas and I do not go together.  Even if there is no wind the umbrella just seems to turn inside out, or won’t go up or, alternatively, come down. So my excellent Macintosh and beret is my rainwear. On really rainy days, I do have to take my glasses off and put them in the pocket which doesn’t bode well for me crossing roads!!!!

Back to today. So I get to the door and there to greet me is Floyd. Floyd is one of the designer’s best mate and it had been decided by him, (the designer, not Floyd), and his wife that it would be best for Floyd to come to work as there was a severe weather warning issued for the day and they didn’t want Floyd being on his own …. at this point, I encourage you to say “Awe!” You can do so under your breath if others are around, or out loud – your choice.

dogs 3Now Floyd is a Border Collie crossed with a Tramp going North and was on death row when he was rescued by the designer and his wife …. I should be hearing another “Awe!” – feel free to beef it up with a “bless them”.  Point is, Floyd is delightful. Smart too. He entertained us with shaking hands, begging, rolling over, turning around and his latest trick, crawling.

Of course, my camera came out and pictures were taken in between the patting and mussing of his coat…it’s sooooo soft. Naturally, I had to post his photo up onto Facebook – why shouldn’t he get a bit of viral coverage? As I was doing this I made the comment about which dog my “friends on Facebook” would think was the cutest – Floyd or Otto – both have now graced my page.

The challenge was taken up. It was decided that another designer would bring Otto (the Schnauzer), back from his home after lunch.
Hey, it’s Easter – it’s raining (hard) – a bit of levity in the office would work wonders for the soul.Dogs

dogs 02OMG – what havoc was reaped after lunch when Otto arrived at the office.  Now Floyd had been happily ensconced and kinda figured the office belonged to him.

Otto, of course, has visited the office a few times and strutted in as if he owned the place. Luckily the two dogs do know each other so the territorial stamping didn’t eventuate. But, oh boy, the playing was definitely all on! Their dads finally decided that the kids had played enough. Otto was taken to his side of the dividing half-wall and his lead was hooked up and Floyd was banned to his bed on the other side.
The look on their faces – priceless!

The rest of the afternoon carried on relatively quietly with the occasional lapse by Floyd who’d go round to see what Otto was doing, find him incapacitated but try and play until his dad, hearing the commotion, called him back.  Alternatively, Floyd would wander over to me ’cause he knew he’d get plenty of scratches.

dogs a

dogs ab





!@#@%^&#  BANNED!!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!

Get a gander at this I discovered on Floyd’s lead …. now that’s a classy way to carry poop bags! For a muttly dog – he’s one cool kid. Of course, Otto is a class act as well.


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Up To The 2nd House-Sit 2016

Up To The 2nd House-Sit 2016

This the first house-sit with the gorgeous Millie.

Likes walking over computer.

It’s for 10 days and already I’m wishing it was for longer….I arrived yesterday afternoon (Saturday).
This is the most delightful home and Millie made herself all smoochy to me pretty much from the moment I stepped inside.

The position of this abode is fairly close to where I used to live at the Mount, so only a short walk to Bayfair – (not that a Mall is inspiring at all) – easy access to the causeway to get me to work on time and I’m back at the Mount where, I must be honest now, is where my heart is.

In saying all that – each home I’ve previously sat, and those that are coming up, all have a beautiful vibe to them. This has been ascertained as I have interviewed each one rigorously.

The first thing I did, after unpacking the car, was to go over the ‘instructions’ again, (I’d already gone through them when I’d picked up the key). All good – understood everything. And, the wonderful sense of humour shone through …. here I present a snippet:

Our courtyard pot plants are Alice, Graham, Neville, Dennise, Gordon, Margaret, please don’t move them as they will get disorientated and wander around all night looking for their spot. Kept us awake all night once. They appreciate water if it is very hot – same with the back crew.

There was also a bit on Ants:

We have the largest ants in the world living under our courtyard pavers. Sometimes you will see a paver move – don’t be alarmed just give them a squirt with that spray under the fire place – seriously tho they will bite, you will understand lying naked in our courtyard is not recommended … also, think of our neighbours.

So, with a chuckle I turned the page to get the wifi password. All good, password there – opened up the wifi on my phone, put in password … didn’t work. Mmmm. Decided to do it on the computer.

There were probably about four locked networks to choose from, none had an obvious name. So with my super power of deduction I went through the list. None connected ????? Hmmmmmmm. Next thought was to look at the router and grabbed the pRouterassword on the back. Aha, take camera and take photo.

Voila! Password worked first time. I had another look at the instructions. Cute typo – missing a zero. I’m not sure if that was deliberately to test of my ingenuity or a missed tap on the keyboard – either way, I was pretty proud of the fact that there was no bad language to be heard – besides, don’t know what Millie’s sensitive ears are used to, so best curb the naughty words.

Of course it’s rained since I got here which means that I haven’t been able to get out for a walk, nor make use of the delightful courtyard and play with the ants.


Millie isn’t the only occupant of this home that’s been entrusted to me, there are several kids out in the courtyard. Oh yes, the livestock here is plentiful.
Feast your eyes on these little beauties!!!!!


Not only do I have the company of awesome creatures, but there are herbs aplenty. The owners of this establishment are not only delightful in their humour and friendliness, but generous as well …. “help yourself to the herbs”. Oh my, already on the first day I’ve whizzed up a mint and tahini dressing – lord only knows what I will do with the fresh Rosemary and then there’s the basil … I feel a pesto coming on!!!!!

Mr Basil

Miss Rosemary

Mmmm, sauce !

Yes, of course I brought my machine – as if I wouldn’t !!!!






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