Here’s a repertoire of what makes me frown or smile:

What gets me pissed off:environment

  • The incredible abuse we do to the environment – well that’s just ongoing.
  • The blatant sidestepping of the government so issues don’t have to be addressed.
  • The fact that something else comes along to take the short attention span of the media and the public away from something else.
  • The TPP – which currently seems to lie dormant in the minds of the majority due to the fact we’ve got the Panama Papers to keep us busy … my view? The stopping of the TPP is more important.

What saddens me:syrian refugee crises

  • The terror, the hatred, the pain that innocent people around this world face because of the incessant greed both for wealth and power of a few.
  • The destruction our species has done and continues to do to this stunningly beautiful and kind planet.



What makes me proud:no GMO

  • My children as they are all exceptional adults who care about others, never judge and care about animals and the environment
  • The work done by people for the underdogs of this world – both human and non-human.
  • Those who actually give a damn about the world.
  • My friends/family who succeed on their chosen path – more so if I’ve lent a helping hand.


What makes me laugh:cat meme

  • The calamity that is happening to the Republican party now that it seems like The Don is all they’ve got.
  • The jostling and the playing of games our politicians do – pretty much regardless of which party they’re from.
  • Most of the Gifs and Memes on FaceBook – now they’re clever
  • Cats
  • And pretty much anything – I seem to find amusement in the oddest places and the smallest thing = I just love to laugh.
Auckland Airport

And if you don’t know where this is – it’s the check in area for AirNZ Auckland Airport where I’d like to be right now

What I love:

  • Having a coffee with a friend or friends/family – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be coffee!
  • Muck around on the internet or my computer.
  • Making graphics (see all images on this blog) – one day I’ll get into Gifs!
  • Airports – means I’m going somewhere!
  • So let’s put travel in this category.



Obviously there’s lots more, but that will give you a bit of a look into my world…. perhaps I’ve had one glass of wine too many!