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Ask This Question

Ask This Question

What if you only had one year left? Have you ever thought about this?


I read this in an email I subscribe to 


“Treat this question like a journaling prompt, answer it uninterrupted in a quiet, screen-free space, and it just might change your life, as it has mine: ‘If I had just one year left to live in good health, what would I do and who would I be?”


Now, surprisingly, I’m not big on journaling. I will do it periodically when I need to pick something, meaning that I’ll make a list of pros and cons. Or, I might use it if I have a problem to solve. But I’m not one for free-flowing my thoughts. Which, I know, seems odd because I’m a writer. I prefer rambling a blog post instead!


Getting back to the task at hand. 


I took the time and did journal. I found a suitable notepad, turned on the ‘nothing’ music – you know the type, the mediation music of peaceful lake, sunrise, autumn forest or mystic temple. I’m not into dolphin or whale music.

I took the time and did journal. I found a suitable notepad, turned on the ‘nothing’ music – you know the type, the mediation music of peaceful lake, sunrise, autumn forest or mystic temple. I’m not into dolphin or whale music. Then with pen in hand, began. 


  • I started with a sigh.
  • I don’t know what to write.
  • I have good health – I am pretty much who I like being, and I’m working on what I want to do. 
  • Other things such as travel to see my girls are out of my control.


So the journaling didn’t amount to much; instead, I thought I’d write a rambling blog post.

This question is an important one if you are in a state of soul agitation. And what I mean by that is when you’re not happy with the way your life is, you want changes. Then this question is definitely one to consider.

I generally put it another way 


“What do you want for you?” 

Taking everyone else out of the equation, what is it that you want for yourself? Once you’ve figured that out, and believe me, it’s an incredibly tough question for most people; then you can start adding people back into the mix. Not surprisingly, they will come in differently!

Now, it’s not to say that my life is perfect, far from it. I am in a continual state of learning and developing, but after all the years I’ve been on this planet, I am grateful for where I am and look forward to continuing the journey.


Just don’t ask me to keep a journal.


The email I subscribe to is free at you can subscribe here: Dense Discovery  It comes in once a week and is filled with all sorts of odd things that I find incredibly interesting. The author is Kia Brach, A young German now living in Australia.

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Harbourmaster Uses Council Boat To Free Orca – Stood Down

Harbourmaster Uses Council Boat To Free Orca – Stood Down

A Coromandel (N.Z.) Harbourmaster has been stood down because he used a Council boat to go and free an Orca.

A breeding female orca was trapped in a cray pot line for 16 hours – Yup 16 HOURS!!!! and the DOC (Department of Conservation) peeps were “too busy” to go and free her. So, in the end, the Harbourmaster along with a volunteer who had training in Dolphin and Whale rescue went out to her aid.

She was being held up by other members of her pod – if that’s not distress I don’t know what is!

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They did get her free and she swam away.

But now the Waikato Regional Council is

“checking whether any regulations were breached or operational procedures not followed during the rescue”

and the Harbourmaster has been stood down.

This is P.C. gone afoul – as usual. Who gives a toss if regulations have been breached! The Harbourmaster knew what he was doing, didn’t put anyone at risk and saved the Orca. He should be commended not reprimanded!

I’ll get off my soapbox now.






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Leaving Lily

Leaving Lily

Time to move on. Time to say goodbye to Lily for now.

It’s been a wonderful stay with Lily, although I can’t say I’ll miss the white fur. Lesson learned here – don’t wear black! I’ll be heading off at the end of this week and, guess what?, I’m going to Sydney for the weekend! Yeeha!!!! I get to hang out with my youngest, beautiful daughter.

Doing the “Mother of the Bride” bit as she is getting married next March.

Soooo excited. Mind you – what a week getting myself sorted.

You see, I’ve been house-sitting for about four months straight (and not finished yet), and we’ve changed seasons, so lots of cleaning out of the suitcase and swapping over the winter/summer clothes. Mind you, it’s still not tropical, but we can all live in hope!

So next time I write, I’ll be in Papamoa, looking after Quinn the cat and hanging out for about two and half weeks. Don’t worry, you’ll be filled in on the Sydney trip – memo to self: take photos!






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Quick Post – What Do Vegans Eat

Quick Post – What Do Vegans Eat

A question I get asked quite a lot … “What do Vegans eat?

So here’s the answer.


Check out this awesome array – and, I might add, the chocolate cake was to die for!!!








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Brexist And What It Means

Brexist And What It Means

The Poms have done it …. they’ve left the European Union to stand alone.  What does this mean?


Don’t ask me – I have no idea at all what is going to happen.  And, nobody does.

What I do think is that people in Britain, like people in USA are just a little fed up with the status quo. There’s a bit of a hum here in N.Z. as well, can’t speak for Australia but I think the poorer European countries are also rattling the cage as in the case of Greece. Unfortunately for Greece the masters whipped the bars and they shrank back – for now anyway.

There is a bit of a revolution going on in the West and it’s going to be fascinating to watch.

The old order is just too top heavy and I reckon the imploding process has now started.

Just my quick thought for the day.






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About Me

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