Time to move on.  Time to say goodbye to Lily for now.

Heading off at the end of this week and, guess what?, going to Sydney for the weekend!  Yeeha!!!! Get to hang out with my youngest, beautiful daughter.

Doing the “Mother of the Bride” bit as she is getting married next March.

Soooo excited.  Mind you – what a week getting myself sorted.

You see, I’ve been house-sitting for about four months straight (and not finished yet), and we’ve changed seasons, so lots of cleaning out of the suitcase and swapping over the winter/summer clothes.  Mind you, it’s still not tropical, but we can all live in hope!

So next time I write, I’ll be in Papamoa, looking after Quinn the cat and hanging out for about two and half weeks.  Don’t worry, you’ll be filled in on the Sydney trip – memo to self: take photos!