Now I’m probably going to upset a few people … I know many of my friends love bacon.  But there’s a difference between saying you like eating bacon to saying that it’s healthy.

So here’s the deal:

I came across a post the other day which declared that bacon was good for you, in fact it said it was a “Miracle” Food

8 Reasons were given.  

With the World Health Organisation coming out last year saying that processed meats rank alongside smoking as a cancer cause, I thought this wee article on the bacon interesting enough to have a read.

So what are the 8 reasons?

Well the first 5 are plainly just “clutching at straws” type of reasons:

1. Good for a hangover
2. Has a “seducing smell”
3. Fights bad breath
4. Improves the taste of everything
5. It will make you feel good.

By this time I thought, perhaps the whole article was just a send-up.  But then I read the next 3 reasons and realized that it was a genuine piece.

little piggypig to bacon








Here are the final three with my comments below each one.

6.  It helps your memory.
In this it talks about bacon being rich in choline.  Well, my dear reader, maybe it is, but so are collard greens, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, Swiss chard, Cauliflower and Asparagus.

7.  It’s healthy for your heart.
This one caused me to chuckle and say out loud “really? ya think?”.  Their reasoning is that it has Omega-3 fatty acids, but the fact that bacon is considered a processed food and it contains so much animal fats along with preservatives, I beg to argue that it’s not a heart-healthy food at all.
Best source of Omega-3 in a plant based version is flaxseed.  See my Nutritional Book for more.

8.  It’s good for your muscles.
Really what this is saying is that it has protein and protein is a muscle builder.  Hahaha – protein is in so many foods that are way healthier – try nuts and seeds, tofu and tempeh, quinoa and beans and legumes.  You sure don’t need bacon to become a muscle iron man or woman!!!

Aside from the fact that it is totally cruel to animals – it is NOT healthy!!!  and that’s the part that annoys me, when it is advertised as being a health food.  Keep eating it if you want, but at least take the time to know exactly what you are eating.  If it’s a home cure then chances are it will be o.k., but if it’s store bought, then reconsider.

So how many of you agree …. disagree …. Please let me know below in the comments.


Source:  8 Reasons Bacon Is Miracle Food