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#Febudairy The Vegans Take Over

The latest hashtag flying around social media is #febudairy and there’s a bit of a take over by the vegans.

Febudairy – I love it – hashtag febudairy, couldn’t be funnier. To me this is just entertainment plus… with a really serious note to it.
So what is hashtag febudairy? (#febudairy).

It was coined by a Dr Jude Capper who is the dairy industry woman of the year, (not sure which year). You see, she did this in response to the #veganuary  campaign and if you don’t know what that is – well it’s the month of January as vegan awareness – it was all over social media. It was started in Britain and it’s just got bigger and bigger each year – go search google for it, like hashtag veganuary.
Anyhoo, back to Dr Jude Capper. She’s a livestock sustainability consultant from Oxfordshire and she said

“Let’s make Febudairy happen this year. 28 days, 28 positive dairy posts”

Do you think the industry is running scared.? With such a huge response to #veganuary and the overall rise in plant based milks the #februdairy campaign is no surprise at all.

Back in 2017 in a blog by Emily Norton, who is the co-founder of Norton’s Dairy in Norfolk she said

“February is the month of St Valentine after all, so a little cow love can go a long way for all of us..,”

Well, they can stop taking their babies away for a start, stop artificially inseminating them, stop killing the male calves, stop forcing them into pregnancies and making them produce more milk than they normally would – taxing their bodies so that within 5 years they’re stuffed, useless, no longer financially viable so trucked off to slaughter … hey, if that’s a little cow love then I must have read the wrong dictionary when I looked up the word ‘love’.

Anyhoo the hashtag febudairy is just not working for the dairy industry.

Remember when I said that Dr Capper wanted 28 days and 28 positive posts? Well, they’ve come into all sorts of criticism on twitter and facebook with vegans saying they’ll do the 28 days of exposing the real animal practice associated with dairy farming.

……. and the month of February has only just begun.

Let’s just swan over to twitter and have a look at what’s happening under the hashtag febudairy.

Thanks to everyone sharing my dairy article under the milk industry’s massively backfiring (and, moronically, ) PR hashtags. Important to get the truth out there…

Watching unfold. I’ve worked on a dairy farm that sold to Tesco. It was utterly appalling. Cows so lame they couldn’t walk, udders so full ‘their’ milk was pouring out on the floor and mothers riddled with mastitis. Milk can never be humane in my veterinary experience

congratulations to whoever thought up what a brilliant way to extend

Start right by ditching dairy because cow milk is for baby cows! 🐮 besides, it turns teeny calves into full sized cows in no time, and y’all still drinking it?

It’s day one of ! An embarrassing attempt by farmers to salvage the dying dairy industry and justify the cruelty they cause for profit!

Oh This is going to be such an entertaining month …
and on a positive note – an incredibly educational month as well….just like veganuary was.
What a flip-flop for the dairy industry.

Have great plant food and
be compassionate to all animals including humans



How To Make Vegan Feta Cheese

Ever wondered how to make a vegan version of feta cheese?

It’s really quite easy.

This is a recipe I’ve used for ages and it gives the lovely salty flavour of Feta with a hint of herbs, great for crumbling over all sorts of dishes or just on crackers with olive tapenade … very Mediterranean!

You will need a container (I use a loaf tin) and some tin foil (aluminum foil for those in USA)


  • 198 gm extra firm Tofu – press out as much water as you possible can.
  • 1/4 cup refined coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 Tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder


Put all the above ingredients into a food processor and whizz up until the mixture is the consistency you like (I like mine soft and smooth).


Pulse in:

  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried marjoram
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano

Put the mixture into the container and using the foil shape it to the height you want.   Put the foil over so it is fully covered but still in the container.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight) so it firms up.
Keep it wrapped and refrigerated – lasts a wee while, but not sure quite how long ’cause it doesn’t last long when I make it!!!!



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Environmental Madness?

A wee while ago there was quite some hoohar that went down when Donald Trump decided he wanted to build a golf course and resort thingy in Scotland.  He promised loads of jobs and huge increase in the income of the area – the Government of the day fell for it.


The Great Dunes of Scotland

In a nut shell, he talked his way into obtaining land that was set among the Great Dunes along the Aberdeenshire coastline, like, 4000 year old dunes designated as a special environment site!

Now we now how delicate the ecosystem is when it comes to dunes, so, as you can imagine there was a lot of people who didn’t want the Trump Meister building.


The wind farms were not a good sight for Trumpy

But build he did.  One poor farmer got a whole heap of dirt piled up so his view was blocked just because he wouldn’t sell out (dirt later removed through court action).  Trumpy even wanted to get the Government to seize the surrounding farms, but under Scottish law, couldn’t be done.
The real trouble came when the Scots decided they would build a wind farm out at sea right opposite the golf course.  This was just too much for Trump and he tried to sue the government which didn’t get him anywhere.

The upshot was that he threw his toys out of the cot and basically up and walked off the project.  There’s now just a club-house and a golf course there, very few people use it but the sad part is that the ecosystem is stuffed.

So where’s this leading to I hear you ask.  Back here to N.Z.


The beauty of the McKenzie Country

If you’re a New Zealander reading this you will know, or at least have heard, about the McKenzie Country.  That gorgeous ecosystem in central South Island, most of which is owned by us, the public, and leased out as pastoral land.  Some of this area provides habitat for several rare birds and fish including the black stilt, NZ Falcon, Canterbury galaxid (fish) and long-finned eel.

It is one of the most pristine areas of New Zealand (God knows we need to hang onto them) because it abounds with lakes, tussocks and environmental beauty.

Not only are there moves to sell off some of it to the private sector but now pastures of green turf have begun to appear to support a growing dairy industry in the area.


“Crop circles” of irrigated pasture for dairy cows


N.Z. the land of milk and … milk

The, forever money hungry, dairy industry is not content with the existing farms, but is hell bent, it seems, on destroying all the ecological and environmental delicacies that N.Z. has.

Sort of Trump style – no consideration at all even though there has been opposition from high country farmers, community boards, environmentalists, fisheries, forest & bird, tourist operators even hunters to no avail – the dairy farms came and continue to come.

And the impact they have made already is so sad.  The problem is that these farms need water and so they are drawing from local lakes and already the impact has been felt.


The water is being sucked out.

Where once there were water filled ponds and small lakes – the reservoirs are drying up.  The large lakes are still o.k. …. but if the dairy continues to grow – well, I’ll leave you to ask the questions.

What will become of the MacKenzie Agreement?  This is a landmark document developed over the past couple of years by farmers, environmentalists, tourist operators, businesses and the community which is designed to protect the special values of this area.

It seems that nothing stands in the way of the dairy industry.  The irony is that dairy payouts to farmers has fallen dramatically and if this keeps up there’s every likelihood that we’ll see a repeat of the 80’s when greed overtook sensibility and the kiwifruit crashed causing many to just walk off their orchards.

Today many dairy farmers are facing similar outcomes.  Suicide rates have increased and perhaps we’ll see abandoned farms which, unfortunately, have already left their destructive footprint on our environment.

Ciao for now

Source for this post:  Newshub
Featured image:  Mackenzie Country Communication

Climate Change A Continuing Saga

I came across this statement today which got me thinking …. again …. about what we can do in regards to cleaning up the environment and help diminish climate change.

“Adopting a “meatless Monday” could have a greater impact on the environment than working from home and avoiding the commute for a week. “

This came from a study that the European Commission commissioned in 2012.

Of course this small dietary change really isn’t sufficient, there really has to be a really significant reduction in meat and dairy before we’ll see any real effect in climate change.

If only that would happen!  Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening any time soon because the human brain is wired to believe that it must eat meat.  What I have noticed is that the age old argument of “meat provides us with protein” and “dairy provides us with calcium” isn’t standing up as gospel anymore as people are becoming more educated and understand that those arguments are pure fallacy.

What seems to be happening now is that people are just saying “but I like meat” which, I have to admit, is at least honest!

So what should we do?

We should keep educating the masses and get the message out there that animal industry is so incredibly destructive to our planet and things have to change if we are going to have any chance at all in surviving as a species.

I’ve said it before …. so I’ll say it again – we need to cut back on the meat, not increase it. … Same goes for dairy!


Source for inspiration www.gojimannutrition.com

Milk Companies Are Just Getting Desperate

I haven’t really talked much about the dairy industry and the different types of milk that’s on offer, mainly because I know that most of my readers still use dairy.

Plus the fact it’s like “where do I start”?  There are so many dairy products out there, that I’m just glad I don’t have it because I wouldn’t know where to begin choosing which milk would be right for me.

However, I recently learned about a new product that’s been launched that has me shaking my head with skepticism …. which meant, I felt the need to blog.

Currently there has been quite a dramatic drop in the consumer purchase of dairy which is effectively creating a downturn in the dairy industry.  This appears to be happening world wide.

So dairy companies are trying to come up with ways to increase market share and this latest thing just cracked me up!
“Sleep-boosting dark milk” coming from a New Zealand company.  Something that’s not too new as scientists in Finland have been working on this and it’s also now available in Britain.

It appears that if you milk the cows after sunset and before sunrise, the milk produces a higher level of the hormone melatonin which is known to help regulate sleep.
Oh, the shed has to be dark as well.

This melatonin found in the milk after dark can be upwards of 10 times higher than that found in day time milk.

So let’s see.  Our choice of milks here in New Zealand are:

  • Fat free
  • Added calcium
  • Added protein
  • Lactose free
  • Help you to sleep
  • Organic
  • Full cream

That covers a vast array of consumers doesn’t it?

My feeling is that milk is no longer “straight from the cow”.  It is bastardized until it’s pretty much unrecognizable, all for the health of the consumers … well, that’s what they want you to think.  What I think is that it’s all for the profit.

I have a whole chapter on milk in my Nutrition book where I talk about calcium, wrote the book before this new type of milk came out … I’ll have to include it when I do the update.  (not that it makes much difference – animal milk isn’t as good for you as it’s made out to be – so I recommend plant milk).

And, one last thing ….. what about the poor cows having to be milked in the dark?  Spare a thought for them!

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Meat Vs Vegetarian For Protein

The other day a friend and I were discussing the dairy and meat industry and just how much of an effect it has had on the way we live.

You have to hand it to them that both industries have done such an amazing marketing job over the last few decades that the majority of people actually believe that you have to eat meat to get protein and that you have to have dairy in order to get calcium.

So let’s get something straight here.  First of all protein.
It’s a fallacy that protein only comes from meat.  Protein also comes from a variety of other sources including vegetables, grains and nuts.

Now for the calcium and this really does take the cake.  Move over Mrs Cow there are other excellent sources of calcium including spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens and collard greens.  Others like basil, thyme and peppermint leaves are right up there as well along with tahini (sesame seeds) and….the list goes on.
I’m not disputing the calcium in dairy, in fact, real live active cultured yogurt comes out as number one, however, as with animal protein, the body can find it difficult to absorb animal based products, so I’ll just stick with the vegan choices for my calcium.

Then again ……. my friend and I will keep discussing the benefits of  being vegetarian  while eating the beautiful organic cheese and olives … so excuse me while I go and pour another wine!



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