Love him or hate him – you have to concede that “the Donald” has made a huge impact on the political scene in USA.

Thing is – it could happen here, and, in fact, could happen in any country that has a global capitalism mentality.
cd_570b432b037e2The way I see it the plebs are just simply over it.  We, yes I put myself in the plebeian group, are over the large corporations, the big banks and the mega wealthy who have managed to re-organize the way the money flows.
What they have done in their bid for mega wealth is undermine and deplete the middle class.  The middle class gap has shrunk so much that we no longer have the lifestyle I remember growing up in.

Robert Reich, who was Secretary of Labour in the Clinton administration, knows a thing or two about capitalism.  He’s all for it, but done in the right way, not where the rules have changed in favour of the top 1%.
I bring him into the post ‘cause he’s written a very fascinating book ‘Saving Capitalism’, where in it he defines reasons why the Trump phenomena is happening – actually you can put Bernie Sanders in this equation as well because it all boils down to people being totally fed up with they way life for the majority is.

imagesNow it relates to USA – but have a read ….. you can see N.Z. in here as well

    •    In the 1950s a schoolteacher, baker or mechanic could earn enough to buy a house, purchase two cars and raise a family but this is no longer possible unless they are willing and able to borrow substantial sums of money.
    •    CEOs of large corporations now earn more than 200 times the average worker’s income compared with 20 times 50 years ago.
    •    The richest 1 per cent of Americans now receive more than 20 per cent of the country’s income compared with 9-10 per cent in the 1950s and 1960s.
    •    Politicians pay more attention to the needs of large corporations, compared with individuals, because these corporations are successful lobbyists and make huge political donations.

So why couldn’t there be a Donald Trump here in N.Z.?  Personally I can’t think of anyone who would fit the bill – but that’s not to say that he’s not out there.

I’m not naive, I realize we can’t “go back”, but we should be able to do something that will get the numbers of middle-class built back up, get the working class paid better and get more of a balance so more people are able to get ahead.

And just to put it into the N.Z. perspective – the average CEO remuneration for 2015 was $2,868,300 and the average N.Z income was $52,800.
It’s time that the ‘free market’ actually had some rules that gives a fair go to everyone who wants to get ahead and prosper and get the middle class back to having a combined wealth that makes it the richest of all.

It’s going to be interesting what happens in USA – If neither Trump nor Sanders get in (which is very likely), then it will be business as usual, but if one of them does, then, I believe, there will be a change – be it good or bad, but there will be change and it will affect N.Z. one way or another.


Source:  BreakingViewsNZ