We have lots of water, right? – Why don’t we give it away?

Read this article which in a nutshell:  is about the issue of fresh water, bottled here for free in N.Z. then shipped off overseas making money for the overseas-owned companies.
Now, according to Nick Smith, there is plenty of water and currently only a few companies involved. – so he’s not about to put a stop to it.


cd_56ecd1e1ad9cdAs an aside:  China sent back two shiploads of the stuff because it was dirty (contaminated) … yup, dirty – and that’s on China’s standards, so it must have been bad. Holy hell, what is our water coming to?

Talking of China – did you know that China has an area in drought at the moment and is actually going to release water from a dam which will not only help their drought stricken province, but also Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam which also are suffering.  For once I’m going to say – well done, China.
Source: Yahoo News

Perhaps I’m naive, but my thought is that we should clean up our water first so that we can drink it, swim in it and enjoy it … after that, we can consider sending it off around the world to places that really need to have it.

And, because water is an absolute necessity for survival – here’s an “off the wall” thought – why don’t we give it away to those who are really in need?  So instead of sending aid money off, we could use that money to produce the bottled water and and cut out the ‘middle man’ who only want to profit from the suffering of others.



There are two things we need that should be a basic right of every human – oxygen and water.  It’s such a pity that we are doing our utmost to destroy both and/or make it so only those who can afford it will get it.

Too simplistic?

I know, but that’s my little rant for the day.