Little Act of Kindness

Little Act of Kindness

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My parents used to tell me that you could count your true friends on the fingers of one hand. True friends not only are fun, but they are there for you when needed.

I’ve talked about friendship before somewhere in this blog… ah, found it! …. Lost My Phone when I enlisted the help of a dear friend to go searching under cars in a public car park!

And I still get a real buzz when a friend steps out and goes beyond to give me something I was not expecting.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to tell a friend of mine that I really should go and buy an edge trimmer to tidy up all the messy edges I have around my garden.

She told me to hold off for a moment as they had one, but now they have no edges to trim; my friend wasn’t sure if it had been given away or not – she would ask hubby.

A few days later, I was talking to her and asked about the said machine. Sadly, no, it was no longer in their possession. Never mind, I thought, I’ll get one when the stores re-open after lockdown.

Then one sunny, but windy day while I was happily creating a new recipe in the kitchen, I looked up to see the hubby, as mentioned above, arrive at the door.

By the look of his attire, I guessed this was not a social call as he was in old clothes and was carrying a leaf-blower of all things. A very quick hello, and he told me he had a fellow ‘gardener’ with an edge trimmer, and they were going to sort out my tangled mess of grass and weeds.

Little Act of Kindness

Machines roared, and before I had finished my epic cooking creation, both the front and back yards were in pristine condition.

sharp edges

A quick ‘cheerio’ from the lads, and they were gone leaving me quite emotional and forever grateful for generous friends who took time out of their day to make a person extremely happy.

Life blows you kisses when you least expect it!

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