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Life Could Be A Bit Slower!

Life Could Be A Bit Slower!

Ever had a moment when you realised that if life were a bit slower, things would turn out better?

Well, I did not that long ago. An event took place that certainly made me wake up to the fact that I tend to rush through life when I don’t have to.

Let me set the scene.

It was a Wednesday morning. I had been out for my morning walk, clipping along at a decent speed while listening to my favourite podcast. On my return, I ate a decent breakfast, checked my emails, and checked my daily ‘to-do’ list.

Then it was time for my shower. All was going well until I opened the shower door, grabbed my towel, and stepped out onto the mat, where I instantly realised there was a small pool of water beneath it. It was just enough to instigate my foot to skid out from under me, causing me to arse up and come down on my behind in such a manner worthy of any cartoon character’s banana peel skidding fall.

But joking aside, it was serious enough that I sat for a few minutes, making sure nothing was broken. My knee, wrist, and coccyx (tailbone) were the parts that obviously had taken a hammering. I had the foresight to scoot myself over to the cupboard, get the arnica, apply it to these parts, and, once dressed, ice everything as well.

However, what I did do in those moments was to sit in gratitude for the fact that I’m predominantly whole food and definitely vegan. I’m quite sure that if I had a diet of dairy, bones would have broken, and healing would have been weeks.

The wrist healed within 48 hours the coccyx about the same. The knee was a bit longer, but it had been hit the hardest, so it was understandable.

I have learned my lesson!






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