InternetThe other day I had yet another example of the Internet showing you that you can find anything to go along with what you believe.

It started when an article popped up in my FB newsfeed from a friend who shared Moms Across America.  The article was about some research showing that Roundup’s toxic chemical, Glyphosate, has been found in 100 California wines – 100 tested and all showing Glyphosate.  There were also Organic wines in this group as well.
Now, yes, my first reaction was one of horror as I love my wine and when in California will partake of the occasional red from the Mendocino region.

However, and this is where my cynical and curious mind-set took over, how much of this was true and how much was blown up and reported out of context?
Note: Please don’t construe that last sentence as the writer being a Monsanto supporter – Ed. 

So into a bit of researching I went.

The first thing I came across was the blog, who basically said that the Moms Against Monsanto were really stupid and just doing the big old scaremongering.  They had looked into the research and happily reported that, yes it was true that scienceGlyphosate was found in the 100 wines, however, the amount was so minuscule it would pose no health threat at all.

See …. you can find anything you want.  So I made the choice not to “share” the scientific findings …… just yet!  I would wait.

But then another thought struck.  (I’m known to have the occasional thought, not that it does me much good!)

So if there is a minuscule amount of Roundup (let’s get real, that’s what it is), showing up in organic wine, then it must also be showing up in other organic produce.  I am well aware of the fact that there is no place on this earth that is devoid of man made chemicals.

Now comes the argument.  If that is the case, then every time we sit down to partake of food – be it organic or not – we ingest Glyphosate.  Take that one step further – Wouldn’t that mean that each product on your plate and in your glass which has a minuscule amount that it would then equal more of a significant amount  ????

chemotherapyGlyphosate is carcinogenic – the cancer rate is increasing.  Here’s my next question ….

Do the shareholders of Monsanto also have shares in one of these companies:
Novartis, Amgen or Roche – the top three Chemotherapy drug makers. ????

Am I being too cynical here? – would love to know what you think in the comments below .. or give me a thumbs up.