balustrades_eurobraceHeard a snippet on the news the other day that there’s a bit of a problem with shoddy glass coming into this country.

Like this is major glass we’re talking about used for double glazing, around pools and balustrades on decks etc.

It appears that the processed and toughened glass coming in from overseas doesn’t come up to our safety standards.  Some of the safety stickers are bogus and it’s not until the glass breaks that you get to know that it’s one of the imported shoddy ones.
That’s all very well, but I sure wouldn’t want to be leaning on the balcony balustrade on the 9th floor hotel suite in downtown Wellington, (note I wrote Wellington not Auckland), when it broke, thank you very much.balustrades_facefix

We’ve got glass companies here – we have rigorous testing of our toughened glass and all have to meet our safety standards.  These companies are suffering because of the imports.  So why do we have to import?  Hang on … wait a mo … here it comes … my catch phrase – it’s all about the money.

Oh – and I’ve since discovered this is not a new problem!

On a brighter note – the day is treating me well.


Source: Radio NZ

Images source: Viridian Glass NZ Quality & Safe