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What to Blog About?

What to Blog About?

I’ve been a bit slack lately not keeping up with this blog. I hope it’s not just me, but do others have problems thinking of things to write about?

So I started to go down the rabbit hole trying to find something that inspired me. I mean, let’s face it, the blog has to be interesting or with one wave of the index finger on the mouse…you’re gone…………

you are still there, aren’t you???

Then, there it was!!! A video about a little doggie who was rescued.  It’s a simple little story, but so wonderful.  It was the first time in ages that I had tears and smiles all at the same time.

I’m keeping the words I write to a minimum because I just want you to treat yourself and have a watch…..






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What to do About Global Hunger

What to do About Global Hunger

Reading a short blog this morning about global hunger and the fact that the less meat we eat the more people we can feed got me thinking.

I’ve always been a big believer in going to the top. Let’s face it when you need to get results it’s always sometimes quicker and easier just to go to the top man rather than working your way through the chain of command.

It’s like that for food so:

  • Why not cut out the middle man?
  • Why go through the food chain for nutrition?
  • Why not go directly to the source?

Are you with me here? Let me explain. The grain that grows has all the nutrients needed – the meat industry feeds that grain to the animals then, in turn, feeds it to the humans….so, cut out the meat and get to the primary source (the grain) and get the pure nutrients.

Extrapolate this out. Not only do you need land to grow the grain, but you need it also to farm the animals. Cut out the “middle man” i.e. the farmed animals and you have more land to grow crops = more food to feed the hungry.

It’s really quite simple math……but here’s the rub – money.

The meat industry, unfortunately, just doesn’t see it that way – it would appear that personal gain comes way above the gains of the planet. So it’s up to us. By choosing to have one (or preferable more) meat-free day a week you will make a difference. Try to make it a completely animal-free day (vegan) like no dairy products or eggs and you will make that one small step towards doing something about world hunger.






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Are Babies Safe?

Are Babies Safe?

Here’s a random thought:

I often wonder when I see mums with youngsters in strollers walking along the sidewalk – do they realize that the baby’s face is usually in a direct line to the cars’ exhaust?










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The Beautiful Bumble Bee.

The Beautiful Bumble Bee.

A very long time ago when I was 11 years of age I got my first pair of glasses.  I was reminded about it recently so thought I’d tell you a wee story. (Don’t panic – it’s short).

I can remember vividly that day. The glasses arrived in the afternoon and immediately my mother told me to put them on. “Oh, mum, you’ve got wrinkles!” I exclaimed.
Her response… “Take them off!!!”

I saw a lot of “firsts” that day – my sister’s freckles, my brother’s burgeoning lip fuzz, the veins on a leaf and the individual petals on the daisy flowers on the lawn – in fact, I even saw the blades of grass.  But the thing that fascinated me the most – was the bumblebee.  I had never seen the wings before.  Oh, I knew instinctively that it must have had wings because it flew, but I’d never seen the wings – never seen how small they were.
From then on the bumblebee became my hero – we shared the same attitude – not supposed to be able to fly….but just watch me! To the point that I stylized the bumblebee as my personal logo and take him with me to remind me that anything is possible (yes, that means I have a discreetly placed tattoo).
Although I must add here, that science has busted the myth about not being able to fly. They are perfectly engineered to fly as, of course, they would be. But at the time, I thought it was a wonderful concept to follow.

What prompted me to write this? An article I read the other day that pesticides are killing honeybee populations worldwide.  I have no doubt that it will be affecting my darling bumblebee as well.

If bees on organic farms are not affected…..doesn’t that say something about what the world is doing with the chemicals that are routinely used on farms and in garden centres? The bees in these areas are in a much more vulnerable state.

The world cannot lose the bee – honey or bumble!






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The Effects of Fast Food

The Effects of Fast Food

I knew at the time I shouldn’t……but it was late, I was tired and coming home with the thought of having to turn around and start cooking dinner just wasn’t doing it for me.
“Shall I get takeaway?”
“No, better not, you know what it does to you”
“But, it’s late, I don’t want to face cooking.”
“Don’t think about it, you know you can have something quick at home.”
“Yeah, but can I be bothered”

– and so the conversation in my head continued

Call me crazy, but I’m picking that you also have, what I call, “monkey chatter” going on in your head when faced with a dilemma ???

So, on the one hand, I had the option of stopping and picking up a burger (yes….a veggie burger) and fries the other option being that I whip up something quick at home.  Let me add here that there were no other people involved so it wasn’t as if I had a family meal to get.  It was the thought of “whipping up something” that just wasn’t appealing.

Oh, what to do.  The trouble with fast food is that it really doesn’t “sit well” in my stomach overnight…nothing dramatic, just end up with a “yuk” feeling but, even knowing this, the little devil in my head was putting up a really good argument and in the end, she just wiped out the angel and forced me to swing the car into the nearest take out restaurant 5 minutes from home.

Mmmmmm, it was good.  The parcel was warm and the smell permeated throughout the car (“let’s hope the smell is gone by morning” said one little monkey in my head).

Needless to say, I sat down and polished the lot off – not good – over-ate – feel yuk now – damn, why did I do that?

3.24 a.m. – Nope, just can’t get back to sleep…there’s nothing for it…will get up and have a cup of peppermint tea and see if that settles the tummy.
Oh, and while I’m up – I may as well do some vacuuming, or clean something, or watch a movie……..hey, I know, I’ll write a blog!

Fast food?  Please remind me next time…it’s so much better to cook my own.






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