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Ben & Jerry’s to Stop Selling Ice Cream!

Ben & Jerry’s to Stop Selling Ice Cream!

I didn’t mean to get you all upset with the title of this post telling you that Ben & Jerry’s are going to stop selling ice cream – that would be disastrous. But they are going to in a selected area.

The arm of the law has got its fingers everywhere. When a government is suing a company because it chooses not to sell its products in a specific place – isn’t this a little 2-faced from the said government?

Here’s what’s happened.

Do you know the ice cream Ben & Jerry’s? Darn good!!!

ben & jerrys

Now, B&J’s is owned by Unilever (since 2000); however, the decision to remove the ice cream from certain places was made by Ben and Jerry and the independent board of directors, which was set up to (among other things) protect and defend B&J’s brand equity and integrity.

The furore came when B&J announced that it planned to stop selling ice cream in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem. Wow – that got the heckles up, and the Israeli government quickly got into action, launching a legal attack.

Israeli PM Naftali Bennet said the move was “morally wrong” and would prove to be “financially wrong”. And the Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called the move a

“disgraceful capitulation to anti-Semitism and the BDS movement”.

Ah, then here comes the long arm of Israel.

Israel’s ambassador to the US asked 35 US governors to enforce state laws that make it a crime to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement (The BDS movement calls for a complete boycott of Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians.).

Meanwhile, Republican senator James Langford of Oklahoma, called on his state to block the sale of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, claiming the company’s new policy violates Oklahoma’s anti-BDS law.

Some grocery chains in Israel have pulled the ice cream off their shelves or are putting them to the bottom of the freezer. (I’d still find it!!!). They seem to think that boycotting is a waste of time.

Avi Kaner, Co-owner of Morton Williams Supermarkets, said:

“Even the most liberal-minded person who believes in a two-state solution knows that ultimately there will be territorial exchanges and swaps. It is not up to Ben & Jerry’s to dictate what the borders should be.”

So it’s okay for a government to boycott, bomb, be heavy-handed with apartheid type laws and dish out the racial injustices? But when a company chooses not to sell its products in certain areas, god forbid that this is seen as morally wrong!

Ben & Jerry’s have said that continuing to sell ice cream in the settlement would be “inconsistent with our values” they also said the decision reflected the concerns of “fans and trusted partners”.

Who are Ben and Jerry? Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are both Jews who have a track record of campaigning on social issues such as LGBTQ rights and climate change and now the blatant apartheid in Israel.

Ben & Jerry’s to Stop Selling Ice Cream!

I applaud any company that stands up for its ethics even in the face of financial loss and government harassment.








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Well Done Bayfair.

Well Done Bayfair.

I trotted out for a cafe styled coffee yesterday – just because I could!

flat white coffee

Nah, actually had to post some letters, you know those handwritten things you put into envelopes, address, stamp and seal. Thank goodness you no longer use the tongue to stick down the stamp or get a paper cut while licking the flap. Anyhoo, the nearest post box was at the Bayfair Mall. Do you believe that? Postboxes now are sooooo far away – in fact where I work there is no post box within walking distance, none at the Frazer Cove shopping centre, one has to actually go to the Post Office which would be around a couple of kilometers (or about a mile & half) away.

But I’m rambling. I guess you’re still wondering why on earth I’d say “Well Done” to Bayfair when I loathe shopping malls. And, I guess you probably can’t quite make out exactly what the featured image above is all about.

cd_572ae15314189Going into the car parking building and heading towards the entrance I noticed an area had been taken over by, what I hoped, wasn’t a payment station. On closer inspection, I saw that Bayfair has taken the energy to power into the future by installing an electric car charging station. (chat to yourself about how good that sentence was). Talk about embracing a sustainable future – will we see solar panels on the rooftops – perhaps rooftop veggie/herb gardens for all to share? But I mustn’t be flippant – whoever is the Manager there, I applaud his initiative especially as this is Tauranga and not one of the major cities.

Speaking of parking buildings I called into my favourite parking building, cd_572ae2b31b697(Council owned), in the middle of town … one where if you’re under 1/2 an hour is free and one where there are real people taking your money at the toll both – this meant that occasionally if I was flush, I’d pay a couple of dollars for the person behind. That’s called paying it forward even though it is really paying it behind – oh, go on, have a chuckle. To my surprise when I got there a woman came over to tell me to “take your ticket with you” – “why” I asked, “Because you will pay at the entrance when you come back”.

And when I came back, I saw the kiosk with another woman standing there ‘helping’ and ‘teaching’ people how to use it. So I had to say something, didn’t I!  “So sad to see this, a bit of a backward step on the part of the Council,” I said, “I really liked talking to the people taking the money”. The lady’s response was to agree. She also thought it sucked, (her word). But what hurt the most was when I asked – “did the booth people get other jobs or were they made redundant?” – “Made redundant” was the response and then she topped it off by saying “and I’ve only got another week, then that’s me gone too”.

Ahhh, progress, sometimes progress is not for the good of the people ….  no, wait, let me dig out my catchphrase – it’s all about the money



To leave you on a brighter note – I did see a couple of pirates at Bayfair.






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