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Here’s A Tip You Might Be Interested In

Plants are the pharmacy of our world.

Plants really are amazing things.  They can actually be your first choice pharmacy because they are all so healing in their properties.

One of the tricks, though, is to eat all the edible part of the plant.  For example: Have the apple skin as well as the flesh, or bake the potato instead of peeling off the skin.

Why? – because the healing properties work in synergy with each other.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t recommend juicing, because so much goodness is left behind.  Smoothies are better because it mulches up the whole plant therefore giving you the full benefits.

What the image says is:  Cranberries can suppress the growth of cancer cells in the liver.  Just a wee handful a day, pop onto your cereal or in your smoothie. Remember, have all the fruit, not just the juice.

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Until next time
Have great food and be compassionate to all animals







How To Dine With Meat Eaters

This is a subject that a lot of vegans/vegetarians can struggle with – how to dine with meat eaters who are their friends.

It’s happens to me frequently and now I have the perfect way of being able to go to their home and enjoy their company as well as enjoy great food.

Check out the tips I give on this quick video and hopefully they will help immensely


Have great food

Trying To Get More People Drinking Milk

The dairy industry never ceases to amaze me how they come up with ideas to get more people drinking milk

This is one such example

I was in the supermarket yesterday and was checking out the cow milk section, (well I was actually looking to see if they stocked fresh almond milk yet … which, no, they don’t). I thought I’d have a look at all the different cow milks on offer and then I spied this one.

I actually laughed out loud. I think the couple standing next to me thought I was crackers, but I couldn’t help it.
I just find it so amusing that there is a cow milk that is designed especially for the lactose intolerant people out there …. just in case they are getting their calcium and protein from – I kid you not – PLANTS.

Take a look at the label – it also says “trim” that means they’ve taken most of the fat out as well.

So here’s a bit of info you may not know:
If you eat animal protein the body produces metabolic acidosis and the body uses calcium to fight it off.
For some reason, the less fat there is in milk, the more acidosis is formed and the more calcium is needed usually drawing it from the bones.

Dairy companies are messing around with the milk so much it is not true milk ….. here in N.Z. the large companies actually strip the milk down to milk powder and then reconstitute it into the different types.  I can’t speak for other countries, but if you know how the milk is produced, please let us know in the comments below.


Harbourmaster Uses Council Boat To Free Orca – Stood Down

A Coromandel (N.Z.) Harbourmaster has been stood down because he used a Council boat to go and free an Orca.

A breeding female orca was trapped in a cray pot line for 16 hours – Yup 16 HOURS!!!! and the DOC (Department of Conservation) peeps were “too busy” to go and free her.  So, in the end the Harbourmaster along with a volunteer who had training in Dolphin and Whale rescue went out to her aid.

She was being held up by other members of her pod – if that’s not distress I don’t know what is!

Read More Here

They did get her free and she swam away.

But now the Waikato Regional Council is “checking whether any regulations were breached or operational procedures not followed during the rescue” and the Harbourmaster has been stood down.

This is P.C. gone afoul – as usual.  Who gives a toss if regulations have been breached – the Harbourmaster knew what he was doing, didn’t put anyone at risk and saved the Orca.  He should be commended not reprimanded!

I’ll get off my soapbox now.


Quick Post – What Do Vegans Eat

A question I get asked quite a lot … “What do Vegans eat?

So here’s the answer.


Check out this awesome array – and, I might add, the chocolate cake was to die for!!!






All Things Come To An End

And house-sits are no exception.  A bit of a quicker post today.

cd_57db1a3872cb7Yesterday I moved out of the lovely home in Devonport road and went to stay with my fab friends overnight and, of course, their lovely dog, Scotty who I’ve have got to know over the years.

But before I left I went to visit the neighbour who has a great B&B in a really old home that has been lovingly restored.  Well a few modern bits and bobs e.g. kitchen!!!  It dates back to 1880 when it was built as a private home and the couple who own it now are only the 4th owners – not bad for an old shack.

Of course I wanted to take a look around, as you do, and I have to say what a place to stay if you’re coming to these parts and want to be in the city.  Pics below.
But, being two floors and on a different section the view was different to the one I had been enjoying in my lovely house-sit.  That’s where the featured image up there at the top came from.  Yup the day was not the best, but it still is a stunning view!

So, “where to next?” I hear you ask.  Yes, I’m off to another home oddly enough at the completely other end of the same road.  This time it’s looking after Lily while “mum” is away in the U.K.  A shorter stay, but still long enough to get used to the place.

More on Lily later.  Right now – enjoy some of the images from the historic home named Taiparoro.


















On The Move

flat white coffeeToday is “Exit Day”.  I’m off from the Papamoa Burbs and heading back to my digs for a week.

It’s been nice here … handy to Fashion Island, which I did visit a couple of times – handy to the motorway which meant easy access to work, the city, the Mount and anywhere else I fancied going.

What have I done here?  Written a bit more of my book and done some sketches.  Met the cool guys next door and spent a lovely evening on the wine with them.

And, apart from that and the odd outing, it’s been a fairly quiet 5 weeks, but then I didn’t expect much else.

I’ll leave you with the sketches:



Basket of Fruit – Self explanatory


Girl in Cafe – done in 40 minutes


Back Stage – An old quick sketch I’d done when I was in the theatre that needed a bit of work



Announcing New Gismo


Scroll down the the bottom of the post …. see that thumbs up?

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.59.13 pm

They are very much like the ones on FaceBook … but not attached.

Put your mouse over it (like, “hover”) and the cool little icons come up…ooo and they jump.  To give them their correct name:  emoticons.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.32.58 pm

Please click one of them for me – ta xx


Sweet, Sweet Music

Just a quick post today to say that Jazz Fest in Tauranga was great.

AND – to top it off …. weather was awesome!.

O.k., so only went on Saturday, but it was sunny, we sat in the shade, listened to great music and enjoyed the company…. what could be better?  Well, if Black Spider Stomp had been there – but perhaps next year.

However, what music we did hear, it was great.


Nutters club!


So French – a bit of Edith Pilaf


Man, he could really play – reminded me of Stéphane Grappelli

2016-03-26 16.39.43

Awesome woman in gorgeous Steam Pumk outfit … sorry for the poor quality of the photo, had to lighten it – looks better on my phone!

2016-03-26 16.40.54










2016-03-26 07.56.05



As an aside:  Saw this adorable mushroom on a walk to beach the other day – after the rain.




Awesome Afternoon

cd_56dbc9180bd2eWhat an awesome afternoon spent at the food fest put on by Envirohub at the Historic Village (Tauranga).

The weather could not have been more perfect.


My sweet friend, Marielle, who runs the Envirohub ship, asked if I’d lend a hand.  Not that I was that much help because I spent a great deal of time talking to lots of different peeps that I met.  But I did sell a few raffle tickets, got some donations and even managed to encourage those fit enough to have a crack at the biking smoothie machine.


The day was about sustainable backyards with talks on growing, eating and composting food e.g. worm farming, edible weeds and clean eating (right up my alley).  There was music too and the day ended with a great percussion group, (sorry, can’t remember the name of them but they were great fun).

I’ll let the rest of the photos do the talking for me ….


A great family day out


What have you got there?


Yup, they’d nicked the sign … such fun!!!


Making a Smoothie ….


Via Pedal Power!!!


There’s that sign again


A great colour filled day!!!!

This is a great organization and one to support – check out their website:  Envirohub


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